Gingaman 34

The TQG Express on Track OT might be running a little late, but enjoy this in the meantime.


Sit back and enjoy some Gingaman. It’s really good this week.

EDIT: Rokuro Naya, the voice of Mokk, passed away on the 17th at the age of 82. Coincidentally the same day we released this episode. He was an amazing voice actor who lended his voice to numerous anime, tokusatsu, video games, and foreign movie dubs. In February he received a Merit Award at the 8th Annual Voice Actors Award for his many contributions. He was truly a legendary voice actor, and we’ll always keep him in our hearts as we watch this show. May he live on in that Ginga Forest in the sky.

List of Rokuro Naya’s roles:

ANN article:

Ohranger 15

Sup /m/


This episode is beyond perfect. It really is! I tried to find something to hate, but this episode is just perfect. Everything is just awesome. This totally makes up for some of those other episodes we’ve had. The guy who wrote this should write every episode from now on. Wait, Toshiki Inoue wrote this? I guess he took his meds when he wrote this because it’s just fantastic.

Also, see if you can spot the not so hidden Zyuranger reference.

Ohranger 14



This week we have a new twist on an old fairy tale. I hope you all enjoy the story of Robot Pinocchio and let this be a lesson to never trust “Pet” Robot toys. Damn Furbies are out to kill us all!

Also Momo’s constant hair changes are messing with me. She needs to stick to one style.