Gavan 14

Will Tsukiko ever stop making funny faces?


Gavan’s back from Christmas break and he’s ready to take on Rhino Doubler again! With some help from Commander Qom and Marine he just might stand a chance.

Y’know it’s pretty refreshing when “training” actually turns out to be weight lifting in a gym, and not “jump around until you learn a new flashy attack”.

Gavan 13



Can’t wait for the The Force Awakens? Need your fix of space action right now? Watch some Gavan! This week, we say goodbye to the Doublemen, and Monsters. In their place comes the even more deadly Double Monsters, born from combining Doublemen with Monsters (Don Horror can’t come up with names)! The first Double Monster is Rhino Doubler, who may be familiar to viewers as a heavily updated version of him appears in episodes 31 and 32 of Go-Busters. With these new Doublers running around, Retsu is going to have to put in a bit of over time!


Gavan 12

[MFC] Uchuu Keiji Gavan - 12.mkv_snapshot_05.59_[2015.12.10_21.28.08]


This week Makku is after a young boy who just happened to spot their very obvious spaceships flying around with his telescope. This leads Retsu to the Oyama Amusement Park. Could it be a Makuu trap? Find out!


Trivia: The theme park Retsu and Makku visit is the Oyama Amusement Park. It’s made appearances in Goranger, and Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost. Sadly this park closed down and is now the Harvest Walk shopping center. Must be a Makku plot!

Gavan 7-11



Sorry for taking what seemed like a bit of a holiday breather, but rest assured we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes. For being so patient you get to enjoy an extra big helping of Gavan! These episodes steadily ramp things up, and episode 11 is one of the most intense episodes we’ve had thus far.

So sit back, relax, put down those copies of Xenoblade Chronicles X, and watch some Gavan!



For those who watch the credits between episodes 10 & 11 you’ll notice that Don Horror gets a new voice in the form of Takeshi Watabe. Originally Shozo Iizuka voiced the villain for episodes 1-10 until being replaced due to some sort of throat issue. Both actors have appeared in many of the same Tokusatsu shows as various monsters of the week, main villains and other roles, some examples include:

Sentai: Goranger, Battle Fever J, Denjiman, Sun Vulcan, Changeman, Zyuranger, Gingaman

Metal Hero: Gavan, Sharivan, Shaider, Spielvan, Metalder

Other shows include Kikaider and Kamen Rider Black (where they both shared the role of Darom). Sadly Takeshi Watabe passed away in 2011 due to pneumonia but Shozo Iizuka is still happily working at the age of 82. Some recent Toku roles he can be heard as include Mohth Drekk in Goseiger, M1 in Ultraman X and he’s reprised the roles of Don Horror in Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie, and Demon King Psycho in Super Hero Taisen Z.

(Thanks for the trivia Jeff!)