Megaranger 38

Things just got incredibly twisted around here...


This whole episode is just amazing. A new set of bad guys, some plot developments, and it’s a Kubota focus episode? How could it get any better than this?! Just look at those suits! Classy, and evil all rolled into one. Like I said, this is a Kubota focus episode and he really gets the spotlight. Anytime Kubota does something it’s gonna be awesome. Why? Because Kubota is the best. So, go on and enjoy the episode, we’ll be back next week!


Unrelated Trivia: Today, coincidentally, marks 1 year since we finished subbing Zyuranger. Time flies, huh? Now go watch some Zyuranger!

Megaranger 37


Canary Nezira wants to tel you all about the Principality Zeon


It’s that time of the week again! Chisato focus episodes are always great, and this one is no exception. It’s pretty light hearted, but it’s also kinda sweet at the same time. And just to make everything even more great, this week’s monster is voiced by the legendary¬†Ootsuka Akio! He’s got a huge list of popular roles, but I know him best as Anaval Gato from Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. He’s also played monsters in Ohranger, Gingaman, GoGo-V, and in Magiranger he voiced Dagon, one of the commanders of Infershia. So in one single episode we have a total of 3 Gundam alumni (Yugande was Captain Bright in 0079, Bibidevi was Domon in G Gundam.) Sadly, there is not a single Gundam reference to be found. Oh well, this episode is about Chisato, not Gundam! Enjoy the laughs this week because things are gonna get a bit twisted next time. And not in the hilarious way.





Megaranger 35-36

Have you tried upgrading your firmware?


[IF YOUR TORRENT IS STUCK AT 99% DOWNLOAD THE TORRENT AGAIN (Mega made a oopsie, and it’s fixed now)]

This week you get a double dose of MegaSilver. If you’re a big fan of Yuusaku (you should be) then you’re gonna love these episodes. You might have noticed that MegaSilver hasn’t really been around much lately, but there’s good reason for that and it’s gonna be explained. In addition to all this silvery awesomeness there’s also some great monster designs. Hinelar’s really getting creative with these Psycho Nezira’s (especially next week’s but that’s another story). And on a final note: Hayakawa Ken is now officially the second best Hayakawa. Who’s the first? Watch these episodes and find out!