Goseiger 33-44

Christmas Miracle!



Surprise! You thought we were all done for the year, huh? Well as everyone knows you save the biggest Christmas present for last. I’m sure some of you were expecting the entire rest of the show, but unfortunately you’ll have to make due with just the third arc. Luckily it’s pretty awesome. Our enemies this time are all robots! Could this arc get any better than that? I’ll do a quick rundown of the episodes as per usual, then Lynxara has some things to talk about. And as always the Monster File has been updated with all the new monsters. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Epic 33: Robots, and Evil Robocop. Brilliant.

Epic 34: Asimov, and Carl Sagan watered down for Sunday TV.

Epic 35: It only took 35 episodes to figure out who the leader is!


Epic 37: Pretty Guardian GoseiYellow! Also, things with Diet in the name can’t be good for you.

Epic 38: This episode is simply WONDERful

Epic 39:  “Wait a minute, Doc. Ah… Are you telling me that you built a time machine… out of a Matroid?”

Epic 40: 1.21 GIGAWATTS!

Epic 41: This is, quite possibly, the saddest thing I’ve seen next to “those” episodes of Zyuranger.

Epic 42: Gosei gets it’s seventh member indeed!

Epic 43: GoseiKnight proceeds to be amazing

Epic 44: You gonna get scrapped!


The third arc of Goseiger introduces the Matrintis, a “robot empire” villain faction whose names are all based on science fiction films once again. Rather than the first arc’s “alien invasion” film focus, the third arc focuses on films about robots, cyborgs, and artificial intelligences. Generally, this story arc is better about sticking to its movie theme motif than the last one, perhaps in part due to it being a bit shorter.

The term the Matrintis uses for humans is jinrui, which the subtitles render as “humanity.” As mentioned in the notes for the second story arc, each Goseiger villain faction uses a different word for referring to human beings, which usually reflects upon that faction’s point of view.

The Matrintis’s underwater base is called Terminal, and named in homage to the original 1984 Terminator film. Likewise, the faction’s name is also a movie reference, combining the name of the mythical lost underwater city Atlantis with the title of the 1999 film The Matrix. Both Terminator and The Matrix have plots that concern a dystopian world in which robots have conquered the human race.

Megaranger 42-43

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! Who’d have thought that we’d get to release the Christmas episodes at Christmas time? What a great coincidence, and what an even greater set of episodes to end the year with. Nezirezia is going all out and causing a silent night for out heroes. Can Miku keep her mouth shut? Can Yuusaku be any more awesome? Does INET have some Christmas surprises for us? Can Hinelar get any more evil? Watch and find out! Now, go grab a cold glass of egg nog, listen to the Carranger Christmas Album, and then enjoy this holiday epic. Also, make sure to play plenty of video games over the holiday! It’s what Kenta would do.

We wish you all a Mega Christmas, and thanks for putting up with us this year! Let’s hope 2014 is as Mega as 2013.

Megaranger 41

Cool Axe bro


Time for some weekly Neziranger! This week’s episode is all blue. Literally. There’s also some Pokemon logic, some more Nezirezia plotting, and some neat fights. It all makes for one really great episode. This episode is as cool as Mega Blue himself.

And remember, everything is Hayakwa’s fault.

[MFC-OT] Goseiger VS Shinkenger! Epic on the Silver Screen

Samurai Sentai Goseiger


Surprise! Consider this a little taste of what’s to come. Even though this movie came out in January 2011 it actually fits in perfectly between episodes 33 and 34 so we figured it would be best to release it before the next batch. Out of all he Sentai crossovers I personally think this one is one of the best. If you haven’t seen Shinkenger yet then there are some major spoilers in here (if you’ve seen Gokaiger’s Shinkenger episode though you should know one of these spoilers). Consider that your warning. Big thanks to ShinkenAnon and Over-Time for working with us on this movie. Grab some popcorn, enjoy, and look forward to part 3 of Goseiger! Coming Soon-ish.

Megaranger 40

It's the best friends forever, best friends forever photo!


Time for another Pink and Yellow episode! These two seem to get some of the best episodes, and this one is no exception. Even Nexi Pink and Yellow are getting in on the fun! One interesting note about this episode is that the character “Girl” is played by Ooshima Yuuko who would later become a member of this unknown, and highly obscure, group called AKB48. Despite her character’s name, you can’t miss her and she even has a speaking line. AKB fans should enjoy that. The rest of us will just be admiring the rest of the episode. (AKB scares me) Enjoy the episode!

Megaranger 39

mfw I barely made it this week. Stupid Thanksgiving.


This is a pretty standard episode. Neziranger does some things, some little kid does either cute or annoying things depending on how you look at it, and really, it’s just a nice episode with some laughs. However, there is one thing I cannot forgive this episode for! You’ll know exactly what it is when you see it. Junki Takegami really needs to research how outer space works sometime. How did that scene get approved? Just… WHY?! But, really, this episode is nice. Enjoy it!

Useless trivia: Through some weird alignment of the cosmos we’re now releasing episodes the same week (give or take a few days) they originally aired back in 97! How’d we get so lucky?