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Everyone else is making one of these posts so we might as well.

We’re probably moving everything to Anidex so naturally this means any torrent links on older posts won’t work anymore. I’ll probably update this post at some point with a link to the new torrents, but for now just keep calm.

If you really need Dynaman right now it’s available in this MEGA folder.

EDIT: Everything should be up. You can find the new torrents here:

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Gekisou Sentai Carranger VS Ohranger Blu-Ray




Here’s that something special we promised you! Taking place after the end of Ohranger, this movie finds our Cho-Riki heroes tracking down the last member of Baranoia, only to find a group of unremarkable civilians instead.

For the full effect we recommend watching Carranger first. Not like anyone should need an excuse to watch Carranger though! If you haven’t seen Ohranger, you’re probably safe. There’s nothing here that spoils the show (unless the heroes winning is a spoiler). In fact this movie has a line about how if all 5 Ohrangers aren’t together they’re apparently not at full strength which is something that was never mentioned, or touched upon, in the show (and according to Japanese Wikipedia was actually made up specifically for this movie). So basically if you’ve only seen Carranger, feel free to watch this movie. If you haven’t seen Carranger then what’s wrong with you?

Hey! You got your unremarkable civilians in my Megaranger!

Megaranger VS Carrrrrrrranger!

Hey! You got your unremarkable civilians in my Megaranger!



NOTE: We highly recommend watching Carranger before checking out this amazing movie. The folks over at Harorangers recently finished it.

So what happens when you take two of the best Sentai shows and throw them into one movie? Magic happens. Specifically space fairy magic. I firmly believe that is one of, if not, the best VS movies ever. Both teams blend together well, the dialogue is exactly what you expect from the two teams, and everything just fits together so well. It’s always great to see the Megaranger cast again, but it feels just as good to see Carranger again. If you haven’t seen Carranger, then you really owe it to yourself to check it out. Also if you don’t feel something during the end credits to this movie, then you have no soul whatsoever.

So sit back, grab some imo-yokan, and enjoy!