Status Update

I know it’s been far too long but I thought I would do a quick update to let you guys where we’re at behind the scenes. The jist of it is that we’ve been working on our shows when time allows while juggling paid sub work, and our other real life jobs. I know a lot of you really want to see these shows, and we appreciate your patience.

Now, let’s go over each of our current projects:

Science Squad Dynaman:


  • Translated: 50/51
  • Edited: 50/51

As you can see, Dynaman is almost done! I can’t guarantee a release soon, but it’s almost there.

Space Sheriff Sharivan:


  • Translated: 51/51
  • Edited: 23/51 timed to DVD raws
    • 0/51 retimed to Blu-Ray raws

Sharivan is 100% translated, and just needs a bit of TLC and polishing before it’s ready. However, part of this TLC is retiming the scripts to match the blu-ray raws. An easy conversion but one that requires each episode be double checked to make sure all the signs, and lines, match up perfectly with the new raws.

Since Sharivan is fully translated then that means we can move on to….

Space Sheriff Shaider:


Translated: 8/49

Edited: 0/49

Like Shairvan these scripts are timed to DVD quality raws. We’ll probably keep translating it intermittently for now until we get our hands on those BD raws. Hopefully this will save us some time in the future.


So that’s where we’re at. We know it’s not the blog post you were hoping to see, but we felt that it was important to be open about where we’re at.