Gingaman 32 & Ohranger 13

Maybe Ryouma should have a seat right over there...




Trick or Treat! Here’s a Halloween present for your viewing pleasure! Too bad neither of these are Halloween themed…

Oh well! They’re both pretty good this week though so that’s something. No harpy babies, or Tricycle loving pedos, in sight!


Ohranger 11-12

Please inform your neighbors if you love tricycles. That way they can keep them locked inside.Bandora would love this


Time for a double dose of  cho-riki nonsense! Episode 11 is downright weird, but kind of charming. I like it. 12, however, is just incredibly stupid. It would fit in perfectly as a Zyuranger episode, but not so much here. Yeah, I can accept a monster that makes people fall in with love machines, but not a monster that turns babies into supersonic, explosion inducing harpies. Funny how that works. Both episodes have some cool action, and are a goldmine for images. I had about 14 different ones queued up before I decided on these two. I think a lot of you will enjoy these, so you go do just that while I go lasso up some Star-beasts.

Ohranger 10

BA-BA-BA-BA-BA! BA-BA-BARANOIA! Wait... wrong show.


It’s time for more Ohranger and Inoue’s nowhere in sight! This episode is much, much better than last week’s and is a nice blend of silly and serious. Baranoia is really being played for laughs now though, so don’t expect them to be the cold hearted killing machines of yesterday. They have emotions now! This is also the debut of one of the silliest weapons I’ve ever seen, and it really comes out of nowhere, but I can’t help but love it. Next episode is going to be very interesting though. Better keep your tricycles locked inside until then!


By the way, how’s that backlog doing?


Gingaman 28


I put Smash Bros down just long enough to get this done. To sum this up so I can get back to my 3DS: It’s a great Gouki episode with an awesome monster design, and it even remembers that Yuuta’s Dad is a character who exists and should be used more. That about does it. I’m gonna go back to Smash Bros now. Enjoy!

Ohranger 9

>mfw this episode


March 20, 1995: Three days after Ohranger episode 3 aired. During the morning rush hour on the Tokyo subway system, 5 coordinated attacks are carried out by the Aum Shinrikyo cult at different stations on the system. 5 cult members smuggled bags of liquid sarin onto the trains and punctured them with sharpened umbrella tips. The exposure to this liquid (which is known to quickly evaporate and turn to gas) left 13 dead, 50 severely injured, and 1000 with temporary vision problems. It’s been called the most severe attack to occur in Japan since WWII. Aum Shinrikyo (now known as Aleph) was a cultist group founded on the belief that their leader, Shoko Asahara, was Christ himself. Aum believed that the world was heading for disaster, and only those who joined Aum would be saved.

What does this have to do with Ohranger? A lot really. Toei producers have confirmed that because of these attacks, Ohranger was slightly changed. No one knows when exactly this change occurred, or how much was tinkered with and what was even changed. However, if you consider that the attacks happened after Episode 3 aired, and Sentai usually has a 5-6 week gap between when the episode is filmed, and when it airs, you can assume that the attacks occurred during the filming of episode 8 or 9. Maybe even 7. Considering how out of place episode 9 feels, it’s a good guess to say they started their tinkering here.

I’m not going to go into a spiel about how Ohranger was forever ruined or anything, but from now on you will notice some odd things in this show. Every once in a while this show will just do something that makes you go “What happened to those 8 episodes? I miss them.” Episode 9 is an amazing example of this. You have characters acting out of place, a lot of misunderstandings, and just a generally weird plot going on. From the second it starts, you’re gonna feel like you’re watching a different show. Part of this can be blamed on this week’s writer, the infamous Toshiki Inoue. But even then he previously wrote episode 5 with Bara Cactus, and that was pretty great! We may never know what exactly happened, but such is the course of history.

I’m not trying to make this episode sound like it’s the devil incarnate, but I think that people who are fans of the more militaristic and darker aspects of the previous 8 episodes will feel a bit robbed.  If you like this episode, then great! You’ve got a better tolerance than most of us and you’re gonna be just fine. For the rest of us, just know that the next episode is infinitely better and hang in there.