Ohranger 33 & 34



Ohranger 32


This is quite possibly one of the greatest episodes I’ve ever watched in a Sentai series. I’m not joking! It’s amazing! After watching this you can totally see how Sugimura went on to write the Resident Evil series. There’s times when you’re watching this where you think “This is a family show, right?” This episode doesn’t emulate the horror genre, it is the horror genre. It’s just perfect. This is one episode I could put on at anytime and just rewatch it. This is that one episode that people will think of when they think of Ohranger (which is probably a good thing considering last episode.)

So go grab some popcorn, and dig in!

Ohranger 31



Let’s take the worst monster from the Ohranger movie, rename it something else, and re-use it! That’ll be a hit with the kids! It’s the best idea ever! How can this possibly go wrong?!

Seriously this episode is just the worst.

Ohranger the Movie

[MFC] Cho-Riki Sentai Ohranger the Movie


So this movie is a thing. I don’t know what kind of thing because none of us can make heads or tails it! This movie just has no idea what it wants to be.

Anyways, this film premiered on April 15, 1995 as a triple feature with Mechanical Violator Hakaider, and B-Fighter the Movie and was made to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Sentai Series. ’95 must’ve been the year of trippy movies that made no sense.

So what’s good about this movie? Let’s see;
– It’s on Blu-Ray, so it looks amazing!
– The action is up to Ohranger’s usual high standards.
-There’s a train! Specifically Japan Rail Class C11 #227 built in the 1930’s for light passenger and freight work. The Class 11’s were apparently one of the more popular tank engine designs in Japan. Check here for some pics and stuff.

Other than that this feels like your typical bad Ohranger episode except stretched out to 40 minutes. Don’t think about skipping it though, because episode 31 is a sequel to this. Ugh.

Also, we threw in the trailer for kicks. It’s 40 seconds of lies and stock footage. Enjoy!