Ohranger 15

Sup /m/


This episode is beyond perfect. It really is! I tried to find something to hate, but this episode is just perfect. Everything is just awesome. This totally makes up for some of those other episodes we’ve had. The guy who wrote this should write every episode from now on. Wait, Toshiki Inoue wrote this? I guess he took his meds when he wrote this because it’s just fantastic.

Also, see if you can spot the not so hidden Zyuranger reference.


6 thoughts on “Ohranger 15

  1. “I guess he took his meds when he wrote this”

    Nah, he just let his whole team of editors rein him in for once. …Seriously, how is it that Inoue was the main writer for Jetman, one of the greatest Sentai series, and has also written some of the worst episodes of various other Sentai, as well as some of the worst Heisei-era Kamen Rider series and episodes? …Well, okay, he also wrote Kuuga and Agito, and those were pretty good IIRC, but everything he’s written after that has been a mixed bag.

    • Inoue is usually a great episode writer, but if he does too many in a row, or has too little supervision, he goes off the rails.

      I was a little bothered by there being a BIG EXTERNAL BOX they didn’t just try to shoot, but that’s genre conventions as much as anything.

      Pretty amazing to have an ep with no giant fight. Didn’t think they were *allowed* to do that, basically…

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