Zubat 24

Love is in the air


First the bad news: There won’t be any Megaranger, or a second Zubat this week. Next week we’ll give you 2 Megas, and 3 Zubats instead (So consider this a blessing, and use this time to kill your backlog). And we swear this won’t become a regular habit.

Now, the good news: This episode is awesome. Love is in the air, and cupid has hit Hayakawa with one of his arrows. Ken finds love, and loses love, but not in the way you’d think. It’s an awesome series of events and well worth the watch. Oh, and there’s an exploding baby. Enjoy, and we’ll see you next week!


NOTE: From here on we’ll be using the new raws BunnyHat made. We’ll rerelease the other episodes once we finish the entire show.

Kamen Rider Decade 1-3

Let's Journey through the Decade once more


 Surprised? Well I am too! Some of you might know that I previously scrubbed 17 episodes of Decade, with some help from other groups. For episodes 20-21 Magenta (of Over-Time fame) was going to handle those episodes. Well, imagine my surprise when one day he handed me a script for episode 1 instead, and declared that he wanted to retranslate the whole show! Originally we were going to release 1-19 in a batch torrent ( as is MFC tradition when redoing shows like this) but the upcoming Kamen Rider Wizard special kind of threw a wrench in that plan. Instead we’ve decided to release these first three episodes to give people who have never seen Decade a bit of a taste. 4-19 will still be done in a proper batch later on. But for now, grab your camera and get ready to Journey through the Decade (again).

I asked Magenta to think of something to put here, and he simply said: “This was one of those projects that I was already doing by the time I’d stopped to consider if it was a good idea. Luckily it was, because writing Tsukasa is a source of constant joy and amazement throughout. Hopefully even though this show does derail spectacularly at the end, we can remind people of why everyone had so much fun watching it at the time.”

BONUS: We’ve included the preview for episode 1, and the Journey through the Decade PV. The PV contains two subs tracks. One is Kou’s Translations of the song (which is what we’ve used in these releases), and the other is Magenta’s. As another special bonus, we’ve also included two sub tracks in episode 2. Episode 2 features a few instances of untranslated Grongi in the dialogue. Grongi, for those unaware, is the language the monsters in Kuuga speak. The default track leaves this Grongi unsubbed, but the secondary track has it translated (Magenta speaks Grongi btw). Unlike the Grongi in Kuuga itself which was eventually subtitled for it’s Toei Channel reairing, this Grongi was not. It was purely put in for fans of Kuuga who could actually decipher this stuff. The rest of the story important Grongi though was subbed in Japanese. Consider it a little incentive to rewatch these episodes if you’ve seen them before.

Zubat 22-23



And here is your weekly dose of Zubat (Noticing a pattern here? Apparently Zubat comes in pairs). This week Ken meets a young boxer, and finds out how he managed to ruin his father’s life without even knowing it. There’s plenty of boxing action to be had, and the story ain’t hald bad either! In our second adventure Ken runs into a family of sisters who are fighting over their Father’s inheritance. Can Hayakawa Connect this broken family? Or will their greed drive them apart? And of course the shadow of Dakkar is never far behind! So sit back, and enjoy some high flying, whip crackin’ action! Next week, Ken continues to Ride the Wind in his search for vengeance! Is… is there love in the air? Don’t miss it!

And remember: Zubat’s stunts are very dangerous, so don’t try them at home!

Megaranger 26-27



As promised, here are two episodes of Megaranger. 26 focuses on Yuusaku, and Kouichiro who are the most unlikely duo ever.  They’re literally complete opposites in every way possible. There’s some evil science, some crying babies, and some sweet kung-fu action. It’s wicked good! Yusaku is a pretty cool, huh?

27 sets itself up as a summer horror movie. Does it work as one? Not really! But the preview for it at the end of 26 is pretty awesome. Nezirezia ‘s plan in this episode is just straight up weird, yet kinda freaky so I can see why they went with a horror style for the preview. It’s pretty cool, and any Shun focused episode is bound to be fun. That guy’s too kool for school. Nezirezia will be back to Destroy the Earth next week. In the meantime Haykawa Ken is going to try and Connect a long lost family on Zubat. We’ll be back shortly!

Zubat 20-21

[MFC] Kaiketsu Zubat- 20.mkv_snapshot_04.36_[2013.09.13_16.03.01]


                  It’s that time of the week again! Episode 20 has some kung-fu action, and a guy with a weird eye. Seriously, just look at him. It’s freaky. It’s as good as always, but the real gem here is episode 21. Episode 21 goes above and beyond and shows something that I never thought this show would give us; Ken’s back story. Specifically, his family. It’s an amazing episode, and if you don’t feel sad afterwards then there might be something wrong with you. It’s one of the very few, if not only, times you see a vulnerable Ken. He might be the best at everything, but he’s still human. Not much more I can say about these. Zubat pretty much speaks for itself.

Unfortunately, there won’t be any Megaranger this week, BUT we’ll make it up to you with two episodes next week. And of course you’ll get more Zubat next week as well.

Trivia: Episode 21 shows a young Ken climbing on a steam locomotive. This locomotive is a Class 5500 and was built in 1897. The scene was shot at the Ome Railway Park where it still resides to this day, along with other Japanese locomotives. The park was also in an episode 22 of Magiranger (the one where Houka and Hikaru go on a date), and probably a few other shows we can’t remember. If anyone ever goes there, let me know how it is! (It’s 100 yen to get in, you have no excuse. ) Their website is here, and it’s in English if you want to see some of their rolling stock. (Did I seriously write a longer blurb about trains that are in a 5 second scene than I did about Zubat? I need help)



Megaranger 25

They won't let me Install


It’s that time of the week again! This week we’re gonna find out a bit more about this MegaSilver fellow, and why he’s such a cool guy. I really like Yuusaku. He’s about as mature as Kenta, but he’s just as much, if not more, fun to watch. And I think the origin behind the Mega Silver suit is a really cool idea that this show manages to pull off pretty well. I can’t really talk too much about this episode without spoiling stuff so I’ll just leave you guys to it. Enjoy! Mega will be back next week with more hi-tech goodness.

Zubat 18-19

[MFC] Kaiketsu Zubat- 18 (0F069740).mkv_snapshot_04.12_[2013.09.05_21.28.11]


       This week we’re giving you two Zubats for the price of one! Not a bad deal, huh? In our first adventure, Ken defends some school children from the evil Black Whiskers Gang, and from a man who tries to play with the heart of a young woman. In our second adventure, Ken tries to defend a lovesick girl who’s been framed for murder! Love must be in the air, or something. You won’t wanna miss a second of Ken’s amazing skills!

Zubat will be back next week but in the meantime, Hayakawa Ken isn’t the only super hero named Hayakawa with a time limit around here…