Kaiketsu Zubat 1-32 v2


OP/ED Translation

February 2, 1977: The Magnificent Zubat premiered on Japanese televisions. But this date is more than just a start date, it’s a plot point. As Ken searches for his friends killer he always asks the suspects what they were doing on February 2nd. So when I looked at the calendar recently I thought there was no better day to release show than today.

If you’ve never seen Zubat then you’re in for an amazing ride. This show is serious, dark, funny, over the top, ridiculous, non-stop action, fun. It’s a show that hits every emotion, and never becomes boring. It’s nothing short of a tokusatsu masterpiece.

Show aside, this is a project that should have been completed years ago, and I deeply apologize for putting it off for so long. Truth be told I don’t like going back to old projects. Once the book is closed I like to start something new. So when I’d think about working on this show again I’d always put my time into whatever our current show was at the time. The only changes are new raws for the first 20 or so episodes, new fonts, and a bit of different styling in some places. Nothing’s been done to the TL.


Happy Feburary 2nd, everyone!