Gingaman 34

The TQG Express on Track OT might be running a little late, but enjoy this in the meantime.


Sit back and enjoy some Gingaman. It’s really good this week.

EDIT: Rokuro Naya, the voice of Mokk, passed away on the 17th at the age of 82. Coincidentally the same day we released this episode. He was an amazing voice actor who lended his voice to numerous anime, tokusatsu, video games, and foreign movie dubs. In February he received a Merit Award at the 8th Annual Voice Actors Award for his many contributions. He was truly a legendary voice actor, and we’ll always keep him in our hearts as we watch this show. May he live on in that Ginga Forest in the sky.

List of Rokuro Naya’s roles:

ANN article:


18 thoughts on “Gingaman 34

  1. Also, word of advice for Batbass’s monsters: except for Degius, they’re all named after the weapons/machines they’re based off of (Hammers, Bombs, Copies, etc.). However, when one of them, Tanks, appeared in episode 2, you wrote it as how it’s literally read in Japanese, Dangusu. Keep that in mind while you’re subbing these next few episodes.

      • No need to be rude; I was merely pointing out something he may have missed.

        And I don’t even speak Japanese; I only knew that particular detail thanks to RangerWiki.

      • Considering until literally today, they wrote the monster for next week’s episode as “Hammers” before changing it to “Bammers,” you’ve got a point.

        And yeah, it’s more likely that the names are supposed to be puns off of the weapons/machines rather than straight up being the names of the weapons/machines.

  2. Incidentally, what do you plan to do when you get to the episode where the opening is sung in (really bad) English with completely different lyrics compared to what you translated it as? I think that one’s episode 43…

  3. Also, why did it take me this long to realize that Chafurin voiced both Bookrates in this series and Mq-Quen in Goseiger? Especially since he was credited in every episode he appeared in in both of those series, and he still sounds exactly the same as Mq-Quen as he did as Bookrates, despite there being a 12-year gap between roles.

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