Hey! You got your unremarkable civilians in my Megaranger!

Megaranger VS Carrrrrrrranger!

Hey! You got your unremarkable civilians in my Megaranger!



NOTE: We highly recommend watching Carranger before checking out this amazing movie. The folks over at Harorangers recently finished it.

So what happens when you take two of the best Sentai shows and throw them into one movie? Magic happens. Specifically space fairy magic. I firmly believe that is one of, if not, the best VS movies ever. Both teams blend together well, the dialogue is exactly what you expect from the two teams, and everything just fits together so well. It’s always great to see the Megaranger cast again, but it feels just as good to see Carranger again. If you haven’t seen Carranger, then you really owe it to yourself to check it out. Also if you don’t feel something during the end credits to this movie, then you have no soul whatsoever.

So sit back, grab some imo-yokan, and enjoy!

Gingaman VS Megaranger




Let me just say that it feels really good to be working on Megaranger once more and that it’s great seeing these characters again. This movie takes place after Gingaman and serves as an epilogue to both shows. It’s like seeing two sets of old friends you haven’t seen in a while. As a bonus, the Megarangers are all rocking that VS hair.

One fun fact is that the actress who played Shiborena in Mega (Asami Jou) is credited in this as Kamaya Yumi for whatever reason.

Megaranger 50



This is it! The beginning of the end and what a great episode to begin to end things on! The music, the action, everything is just MEGA. The late Suzuoki Hirotaka does an amazing job as Yugande, and he really makes this episode shine.  And on top of that, Kubota continues to be the greatest Sentai mentor of all time and space. His scenes are so good. The only negative I can think of, and this is really nitpicking, is that there’s a small scene with this really bitchy mom. She doesn’t even have a name in the credits! But she’s dumb enough to take you out of things and make you go “Seriously?” But on a positive, that music that plays in that scene right before the end of the episode is fantastic! There’s just one episode to go, but what a ride this has been. Enjoy!

Megaranger 49


This episode is perhaps one of the heaviest episodes thus far. It’s just flat out depressing! I’m not saying it’s a bad episode, in fact it’s an amazing episode, but it is depressing. It’s one of those episodes where everything that can go wrong does and there’s no break for our heroes. If you come out of this without feeling sad then you are one stone cold person. Brace yourselves.

Megaranger 48

The wait is over!


(For the record, this counts as last week’s episode.)

Now that the final arc is underway this show has gotten pretty serious. My only regret is that Yugande doesn’t do much, but he’ll have his moment soon enough. Will our heroes finally save all those hostages, or will Nezirezia get away again? Now the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been, and now some twisted fellows have come back from the depths of digital hell! Why is this show so damn good?! This episode is light on the humor but compared to next episode, this one looks like a comedy. Laugh while you still can.