Cho-Riki Sentai Ohranger Batch



Sorry this took so long, but here is a batch for everything except Ohranger vs Kakuranger, which we’ll be releasing this summer when things are less busy. The only changes are some spelling fixes in episodes 8, 27, 39, and 40. Everything else is unchanged. If you have the other episodes we kindly ask that you help seed if you can. It really helps!


The video below is a song called ‘See You Again’ by KYOKO Sound Laboratory. Allegedly it was supposed to be the ED song for Ohranger. Obviously that didn’t work out. You can read more about the song here.

KYOKO is also credited as having written the lyrics for, and composing, Nijiiro Crystal Sky aka the best song in Ohranger.

Gavan 15-16



Here’s a double dose of Gavan! Episode 15 is all wacky Makku Space action. There’s only 111 lines of dialogue in this episode while the average episode of Gavan has about 250 lines in it. So what you get is basically a giant fight scene. It’s really entertaining. Episode 16 continues with the amazing action while focusing on Wakaba and a mysterious child who transfers into her class. Makuu is after the boy and Gavan has been assigned to protect him. Why is Makuu after this kid? The preview at the end of 15 basically gives it away.

Here’s a few neat facts about these episodes you might enjoy. In episode 15 there’s a fight scene at the Ome Railway Park. We’ve seen this location before in episode 21 of both Zubat, and episode 21 of Ohranger! Talk about a coincidence. The Ome Park has an english website if you’re interested. It can be found here.

In episode 16 the face of the android is actually a slightly repainted Dark Q mask from Sun Vulcan. The Gavan crew added a bit of paint to the existing details of the mask. The extra spots of color actually make it look really good compared to it’s solid silver appearance in Sun Vulcan. Sun Vulcan ended two months before Gavan premiered so Toei must have had a ton of these masks just sitting around.