Ohranger 16

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11 thoughts on “Ohranger 16

  1. I pre-ordered Omega Ruby.

    And I STILL haven’t gotten beyond episode 2 of this series yet, which means I STILL haven’t gotten to the point where the retool happened. I’m a very busy guy, and I’ve been watching a bunch of other series lately (and I was honestly far more interested in Gingaman to begin with, so I’ve watched all 34 episodes of that that you’ve posted so far).

      • No one starts a show with no intent of finishing it, but all too often, as we’ve seen with other groups, they start a show and you KNOW they want to finish it as much as their viewers do, but they just… don’t for one reason or another. Heck, the last group that attempted to sub Ohranger only got 5 episodes in before they basically fell apart, and Hi no Tori only got 35 episodes into Gingaman before their main translator basically ditched them. Though in a better example, the first group that was subbing Goranger recently kind of fell apart too, only for another group to immediately pick up where they left off (though even that group has been on a bit of a hiatus for a while, but they at least warned the viewers when this was about to happen). Now if only something like that would happen with Hikari-Senshi’s GoGoV and Boukenger subs…

        Though I don’t know why people keep doubting you, since you managed to finish Zyuranger, Megaranger, and Goseiger (though it’s my understanding that Megaranger was a pretty long process that took nearly 3 years; perhaps you could clarify on the details regarding that). There’s no real reason that any of us should doubt that you’ll finish Ohranger and Gingaman. Heck, you surpassed the previous Ohranger sub group with just your first batch of episodes.

      • Megaranger didn’t take 3 years. It was a solo project that I started scrubbing 3 years ago, but we redid it with an actual translation in like 6 months. Also you left Zubat off that list.

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