Status Update

I know it’s been far too long but I thought I would do a quick update to let you guys where we’re at behind the scenes. The jist of it is that we’ve been working on our shows when time allows while juggling paid sub work, and our other real life jobs. I know a lot of you really want to see these shows, and we appreciate your patience.

Now, let’s go over each of our current projects:

Science Squad Dynaman:


  • Translated: 50/51
  • Edited: 50/51

As you can see, Dynaman is almost done! I can’t guarantee a release soon, but it’s almost there.

Space Sheriff Sharivan:


  • Translated: 51/51
  • Edited: 23/51 timed to DVD raws
    • 0/51 retimed to Blu-Ray raws

Sharivan is 100% translated, and just needs a bit of TLC and polishing before it’s ready. However, part of this TLC is retiming the scripts to match the blu-ray raws. An easy conversion but one that requires each episode be double checked to make sure all the signs, and lines, match up perfectly with the new raws.

Since Sharivan is fully translated then that means we can move on to….

Space Sheriff Shaider:


Translated: 8/49

Edited: 0/49

Like Shairvan these scripts are timed to DVD quality raws. We’ll probably keep translating it intermittently for now until we get our hands on those BD raws. Hopefully this will save us some time in the future.


So that’s where we’re at. We know it’s not the blog post you were hoping to see, but we felt that it was important to be open about where we’re at.

72 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. You are all a lot further than I would’ve thought. Thanks so much for the update!! I truly appreciate all the hard work that goes into a undertaking and getting these projects out is fellow fans. AND the fact that you do it for FREE at least for us who simply download and enjoy. Your free time is valuable and precious so taking you time out of your lives to provide these shows we love translated means a lot. I wish more fans would be respectful and understanding of this as well.

  2. I’m surprised to see Dynaman as far along as it is! Can’t wait to see it finished and thank you for everything you guys do!

  3. Sounds like you need to recruit other members and a set schedule to release one thing at a time just for a tease.

  4. Any updates on the status of Dynaman? With one episode left to translate and edit I’ve been waiting on pins and needles since February. I appreciate the work any fansubber does and don’t want to sound like I’m trying to rush anyone. Just seeing if there’s any word on when we might see that last one get polished off and released. You’re sitting on one of the last three unfinished Sentai series and my fanboy mind is going crazy!

  5. Hey Megaanon. A Brazilian fansub released Dynaman 37.
    They said that are translating the complete series and will be releasing it soon.
    Are you going to be left behind by Brazilians?
    Give us the rest of the series before them!

    • Sorry we seem to have offended your sensibilities. As I stated, I don’t want to rush them, I just asked for an update. It’s been fully four months with not a peep out of the group, and they stated that they have Dynaman (one of the final three sentai series left unsubbed) down to ONE episode needing translation and editing. Not to sound rude, but Metallic Subs has cranked out entire *series* in that time. Surely they could at least update us and let us know that they’re still working on the project. It also gives this unfortunate appearance that “Hey, we’re working on three different projects at once, and have put the one that’s on the cusp of completion aside for the other two”, which makes fans antsy.

      I appreciate what they’re doing and know that it’ll get done when it gets done, but it would take all of two seconds to make a post saying “We’re not dead, we’re still working on it.” if nothing else. Or, ya know, buckle down and finish that single episode and release the series so the general public can shut up and stop bugging them about it. It’s their choice at the end of the day how to handle the project, but when people have been waiting four months and you haven’t even made a status update post it just leaves a bad taste in a lot of mouths.

  6. I understand this mix of feelings from everyone. This fansub “job” is something voluntary that requires time and goodwill from the people involved. So, we have no right to charge anything. But, if the person or group believes that they can’t continue with a series, I think the best decision is liberate the project for another group or person who can work on it. It’s very frustrating a frozen time like we are facing in Dynaman, Sharivan and Shaider. To tell the truth, I have low expectations of the current releases by Millionfold (hope to be wrong). I am very grateful to the group for everything they accomplished and take this opportunity to ask them to liberate these projects for others in case of some impossibility, or seek partnership with other collaborators for we can make that dream come true. The union definitely makes the force. And making these series available with subtitles is a common goal of many fans. I’m sure of it.

  7. So, will there be updates sooner or will this be another group who left the subbing community all of a sudden without informing its fans? I won’t be surprised if the latter part is true.

    • Assuming MFC finishes this, stop your useless insistence of adding the movie since that and Episode 32 is just the same. Or do you need to go back to elementary school to understand what I’m saying to you?

  8. Could you subs a 1985 show called “Sukeban Deka”, although it was subbed but it’s pretty bad so I wonder you could update it

  9. Metallic Fansubs just released the whole Dynaman series. It’s best to go to for the episodes, though, as MF is having issues with the torrents.

  10. And Metallic Fansubs will be doing Sharivan as well. Since there’s no updates in here whatsoever, it’s safe to say this group is as dead as roadkill.

  11. So how does it feel to go from being at the finish line of three separate series to completely irrelevant? I get it, fansubbing is hard work, but maybe if y’all had focused on, ya know, finishing one series at a time and getting out that one final episode of Dynaman instead of working on three series at once you might have been able to contribute to the community.

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