Zubat 20-21

[MFC] Kaiketsu Zubat- 20.mkv_snapshot_04.36_[2013.09.13_16.03.01]


                  It’s that time of the week again! Episode 20 has some kung-fu action, and a guy with a weird eye. Seriously, just look at him. It’s freaky. It’s as good as always, but the real gem here is episode 21. Episode 21 goes above and beyond and shows something that I never thought this show would give us; Ken’s back story. Specifically, his family. It’s an amazing episode, and if you don’t feel sad afterwards then there might be something wrong with you. It’s one of the very few, if not only, times you see a vulnerable Ken. He might be the best at everything, but he’s still human. Not much more I can say about these. Zubat pretty much speaks for itself.

Unfortunately, there won’t be any Megaranger this week, BUT we’ll make it up to you with two episodes next week. And of course you’ll get more Zubat next week as well.

Trivia: Episode 21 shows a young Ken climbing on a steam locomotive. This locomotive is a Class 5500 and was built in 1897. The scene was shot at the Ome Railway Park where it still resides to this day, along with other Japanese locomotives. The park was also in an episode 22 of Magiranger (the one where Houka and Hikaru go on a date), and probably a few other shows we can’t remember. If anyone ever goes there, let me know how it is! (It’s 100 yen to get in, you have no excuse. ) Their website is here, and it’s in English if you want to see some of their rolling stock. (Did I seriously write a longer blurb about trains that are in a 5 second scene than I did about Zubat? I need help)




One thought on “Zubat 20-21

  1. I’m commenting here just because this is the most recent post and more likely to be seen, but this is actually a comment about the 17-32 Goseiger batch. The post is not actually tagged with the Goseiger tag, so if you filter by series, the second download of Goseiger can’t be found. Just thought I’d mention it, keep up the fantastic work, and thanks for introducing me to Zubat!

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