Megaranger 26-27



As promised, here are two episodes of Megaranger. 26 focuses on Yuusaku, and Kouichiro who are the most unlikely duo ever.  They’re literally complete opposites in every way possible. There’s some evil science, some crying babies, and some sweet kung-fu action. It’s wicked good! Yusaku is a pretty cool, huh?

27 sets itself up as a summer horror movie. Does it work as one? Not really! But the preview for it at the end of 26 is pretty awesome. Nezirezia ‘s plan in this episode is just straight up weird, yet kinda freaky so I can see why they went with a horror style for the preview. It’s pretty cool, and any Shun focused episode is bound to be fun. That guy’s too kool for school. Nezirezia will be back to Destroy the Earth next week. In the meantime Haykawa Ken is going to try and Connect a long lost family on Zubat. We’ll be back shortly!


3 thoughts on “Megaranger 26-27

  1. Always thought 27 was one of the weaker ones, probably just due to the Coral Nezire I suppose. But at least the next couple are fun…

  2. Not sure if you guys maintain some manner of seeder-bot for your torrents, but if you do, I think its currently non seeding this one. I’m connected to one other peer with an incomplete download. Hopefully it’ll pick up! I want me some more Megaranger!

  3. I hate to complain but me and two others are currently connected to…nothing I guess? Anyway, could someone please seed? Needs me some Mega

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