Megaranger 25

They won't let me Install


It’s that time of the week again! This week we’re gonna find out a bit more about this MegaSilver fellow, and why he’s such a cool guy. I really like Yuusaku. He’s about as mature as Kenta, but he’s just as much, if not more, fun to watch. And I think the origin behind the Mega Silver suit is a really cool idea that this show manages to pull off pretty well. I can’t really talk too much about this episode without spoiling stuff so I’ll just leave you guys to it. Enjoy! Mega will be back next week with more hi-tech goodness.


5 thoughts on “Megaranger 25

  1. intro for ep 25 differes from eps 1-24………..when 25 introduces yellow ranger above the banner, the banner must be higher in the video, the end letters are clipped when played.

    1-24 you can see all the letters when videos are played

  2. Considering the next few files have no seeds could someone upload these subs to Mega or some such site so that I can download them?

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