RIP NyaaTorrents
My one regret is I never became a green user

Everyone else is making one of these posts so we might as well.

We’re probably moving everything to Anidex so naturally this means any torrent links on older posts won’t work anymore. I’ll probably update this post at some point with a link to the new torrents, but for now just keep calm.

If you really need Dynaman right now it’s available in this MEGA folder.

EDIT: Everything should be up. You can find the new torrents here:

Magnet Links:

A list of magnet links can be found in this pastebin


22 thoughts on “RIP NyaaTorrents

  1. Hello. I just wanted to say thank you for the work you do. I just finished binge watching all of Dynaman. I enjoyed your subs as I always do! I’ll be re-watching the last 15 episodes after you’ve released them (at your own pace of course, I follow your Twitter and know you have a life outside of subbing toku, I would have tweeted you but my account is protected…) I’ll be waiting patiently for your releases as I know they’re worth the wait!

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