Space Sheriff Gavan 1-44 Blu-Ray Batch

[MFC] Uchuu Keiji Gavan - 01 (Blu-Ray)(FC28490D).mkv_snapshot_15.49_[2017.07.01_01.48.59].jpg


This is for all you folks out there who just watched Space Squad and want to know who that badass Retsu fellow was!

Big thanks to Over-Time for subbing Space Squad along with Girls in Trouble. It was a pleasure helping out on both of those!


14 thoughts on “Space Sheriff Gavan 1-44 Blu-Ray Batch

  1. Thanks to Megaanon, Over-Time and Girls in Trouble for what’s u did, fansub the Space sheriff gavan. That’s really mean a lot to ia

  2. It doesn’t seem to be working for me, whenever I finish downloading it and try to play it says it doesn’t work, could you lend me a hand?

  3. I don’t have much experience with this, as most of what I watch is on streaming sites, what should I do after I download it?

    • You have to download the files using a torrent program such as utorrent, transmission, or deluge. You can’t just play a torrent file in a video player.

  4. I am always appreciative of people who take time out of there lives to sub things wether its on the daily with things like Sentai or Kamen Rider or going back and subbing classic Japanese series like Gavan. This has been one series I have wanted to see for ages but no one was fan subbing it. So I am very thankful that it is now fan subbed and I can not enjoy Space Sheriff Gavan. I also would love to enjoy the other Space Sheriffs but in all honesty and I am just thinking out loud the series I would love to see the most fan subbed is Juukou B-Fighter and its sequel series B-Fighter Kabuto. That is one series that I don’t get why its not been fan subbed that I really would love to see get subbed so we can enjoy that series. I wish I knew Japanese so I could do so myself.

  5. I’ve recently decided to pick up a portable hard drive and format it so that I can watch series on my PS3. As these are in MKV, I attempted to convert the first file into MP4 format. The video looks great, but now the subs are gone. I’m new to converting files like this and all so I’m still tinkering around, but, if they are needed in this instance, is there any chance the sub files are available separately? Thanks, guys!

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