Megaranger 51 [THE END]



BATCH TORRENT (Ep 1 has been updated to fix a small line. Please help seed!)

We all wrote down our thoughts and feeling about the show. Please check it out!



So this is it. The final episode. 50 episodes of buildup all coming to an end. I don’t really know what to say to be honest. I don’t think I can even do this episode justice because it’s just so great. Morishita Tetsuo goes above and beyond as Dr. Hinelar to the point where I’d accept an entire movie of nothing but him talking about how foolish humans are. He’s earned his spot next to Bandora on my list of favorite villains. Really, the entire cast does an excellent job. Even the background characters! Erina, the random classmate who showed in the second half of the series, does an excellent job in this episode. I really wish she showed up sooner. Actually, I wish there were more episodes because I don’t want this show to end. For the past 3 years this show has been a part of my life. There were times were the first thought in my head as soon as I woke up was this show. It’s almost become an obsession. I started this project alone, but I’m incredibly grateful that I didn’t end it alone. I really have to thank Alkaid for helping me with the scrubs, and sticking with me through the subs. Kou, and Lynx thanks for the translation and the good conversations. Without you two we’d never be at this point. Here’s to the future! Lastly, I wanna thank the random internet peoples out there. The ones who watched every episode so far, scrub or sub. You guys kept me going whether I wanted to or not. And to those who are about to start episode 1, have fun! I hope you enjoy the ride.

Every good thing must come to end, whether we like it or not. But someday, in the future, if we’re lucky, we’ll get to see the kids of Moroboshi High again. Maybe in some far off VS movie we’ll hear the words “Install! Megaranger!” once more. But until then we’ll keep moving forward.

When someone asks me what my favorite Sentai shows are three shows pop into my head: Zyuranger, Megaranger, and Goseiger. We’ve completed two of those, so let’s go and complete the third.


We’ve reached the end of the road here today.  We leave the staff of INET, the surrogate family of Nezirezia, the friends, family and classmates of the Megarangers and the Megarangers themselves; Kenta, Kouchirou, Shun, Chisato, Miku and Yuusaku.  It’s been an amazing journey and one I’m glad I got to be apart of. We saw 5 high-school students and 1 semi-lazy engineer grow from students and mentor to fully-fledged protectors of the planet Earth.

Megaranger was a show that could make you laugh one minute and cry the next.  It made you feel that their robots were more than just pieces of programming and metal and were instead, the 7th members of the Megaranger team. INET was also, a great support system for the Megarangers.  Kubota especially, but everyone in INET fully gave their all to aid the Megarangers, even putting themselves in harm’s way to protect them.  Kubota led the charge to protect them and was, without a doubt, the Megarangers strongest supporter.

It was, of course, Nezirezia who kept the Megarangers on guard all this time but they too, in their own way, were a tight-knit group determined to win at all costs.  No matter your opinion of them, they were, at the very least, an interesting group to challenge Megaranger.

So, before this goes any longer, I wanted to look back at my original thoughts on Megaranger.  I came in for one reason; (or two) to help MegaAnon release a great show and to work on a show that has of my favorite seiyuu in it.  I’ve completed Megaranger knowing that I not only helped release a great show but that I too grew to love the entire cast within it as well.

To that end, I must thank Kou and Lynxara for working on and helping to polish a wonderful script from a scrub to the finished release you see before you.  And to MegaAnon, my dear friend, I thank you for allowing me to go on this journey with you.  It’s been a long time coming, but Megaranger is finally finished and it’s all due to you finding a team to bring it to everyone.

Everyone reading this, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did working on it.


Megaranger is a solid Sentai with a great supporting cast (Kubota #1), my favorite lady rangers in all the Sentai I’ve seen so far, and regularly fantastic mecha action. It was a privilege to get to work on Takatera Shigenori’s second Sentai series, and the one that ushered the franchise into the morning timeslot where it remains to this day. My thanks to MegaAnon for having me on, and to Alkaid and Lynxara for all they’ve done for the project.


I laid out my feelings on Megaranger at the beginning of this project, and those hold true. To be honest, my job in Megaranger largely consisted of providing ideas and moral support, and… well, being happy when there was more subbed Megaranger? The actual meat of the work was done by the other three staff members, and they deserve 99% of your thanks. For me, this was interesting journey where I got to see a show I had always liked on a big picture level finally have concrete words put to the familiar images. I’ll leave you all with a final thought: I always liked Fourze because it reminded me of Megaranger, but only now do I realize that the similarity between the two shows is much more than skin deep.


He's still standing strong after all these years
This photo was taken in 2010 at a Toei Studios event where Toei opened their lot to visitors. Fans could walk around Toei’s lot where various props and suits were on display from a bunch of different Sentai series. It was mostly Shinken and Gosei props/sets, but among them was this.

62 thoughts on “Megaranger 51 [THE END]

    • Probably not as I never release torrents of them as I wouldn’t be able to seed it very well due to crappy internet. Plus the fact that they are all in the direct download folder so one could grab, say, jDownloader, copy the folder link, then delete the AVIs and have a batch that way (I only say that as I did something similar once).

      But if someone else wanted to make a batch torrent of the hardsubs then I’d encourage that as the more ways of it getting out the better right.

  1. Couldn’t thank you enough for completing this series. All of your efforts were worth it, especially since I’ve recently managed to get a friend into Sentai.

    With that said, here’s to hoping we’ll see ancient civilizations once that angel business is done! 😉

  2. Amazing to see Mega finally finished in our time. Thank you once again for doing this.

    Oh I see the Gosei Angels behind Galaxy Mega…I bet they wish they had an awesome mech like this.

    • You mean like Gosei Ultimate? Yeah, it’s a shame they don’t have a mech like that. Gosei Ultimate is definitely as awesome as Galaxy Mega.

  3. Thank you guys for subbing such a great series, randomly stumbled across a discussion on /m/ a long time back and give it a gander and was not disappointed, the main cast, supporting cast, the machines, the villains everything was top notch.

    Big thanks again to the entire team!

      • I was actually kind of wondering: What’s your next main project after you’re done with Goseiger? Are you going to do another scrub (I must confess that I don’t entirely understand just what “scrub” means in the context of subtitling TV shows), or is it something that you’re going to translate from scratch?

  4. Okay, soooo… What IS the next project you have planned after you finish Goseiger?

    (For some reason, I can’t directly reply to your other comment)

  5. Is there at least a way I can be notified as to when the final six episodes of Goseiger are up so that I don’t have to constantly check the site? I just finished episode 38 earlier today, and it’d be pretty nice if I had access to the final episodes before I finished the Matrintis arc…

    • Subscribe to the blog I guess? And if you’re so worried about having the final episodes before you personally finish the last arc then, stop watching and wait until the final arc is out.

      • I can’t figure out how to subscribe to the entire blog; the most I can figure out is subscribing to when comments are posted on a specific post, like how I’ve got it set up for replies on this one. Do I need my own blog to subscribe to the whole blog?

  6. By the way, what exactly are these “NCOP” files that came with some of the Goseiger videos? I’ve been kind of wondering about that for a while.

  7. So anyway, while waiting for you guys to finish the last six Goseiger episodes (I ended up finishing the Matrintis arc despite trying not to), I decided to resume watching Hikari-Senshi’s Dairanger sub. While browsing his blog’s archives, I discovered that his “recent” version 2’s of the first ten episodes (which is currently how far I’ve gotten) make a few significant translation changes. And now I’m starting to wonder if the older subbed videos of his are actually any good. Given how incredibly sporadic updates have become for him lately, I don’t WANT to wait for him to do version 2’s of the rest of them (same deal with his sub of Gekiranger, which I am watching the “Gekiranger” version of his sub, rather than the “Wildranger” version), but like I said, I’m beginning to wonder if his older stuff is actually still good…

    (Btw, the sporadic updates are also why I’m making this comment here rather than there, since I simply do not expect to get any responses if I get it there)

    • Actually, the person responsible for those translations is actually GekiKnight, who is also suspected to be working on Abaranger via Imagination Station. H-S’ Sgtkira really just tended to contract several different translators for the group’s various projects, regardless of quality (particularly in regards to the infamous Ultraman Retsuden incident).

      In fact, both of Gekiranger’s sub tracks were considered rubbish by those who seemingly had a cursory knowledge of Japanese.

      Btw, if you’re browsing /m/’s Super Sentai General topic, search through its posts for a special surprise related to MillionFold…;-)

  8. Just looked at MegaAnon’s twitter. So you’re going to be doing Gingaman AND Ohranger once you’re done with Goseiger?

    …You can’t see my face right now, but I’m super excited for that. And hey, maybe you’ll actually finish those series where previous sub groups failed. …And maybe they’ll actually be good subs (Hi No Tori’s sub of Gingaman… well, frankly, it’s not very good, and they just kind of stopped after episode 35 for some reason).

    • We have a policy: Start a show, and finish it. We don’t start anything we can’t finish. Personally I haven’t seen HnT Ginga, but other people have told me about it.

      • HnT is pretty down there on the quality scale. Like I said, I don’t know about their Ginga, but from their other works I’d say worse.

      • Hmm I try to find out as much as possible of groups and weed out stuff that seem like just people being haters on certain groups. I do know the Gingaman translator for Hi no Tori is the same translator that did Dairanger and did or doing other projects for other groups. So you’re saying he’s not a good translator than? Also, this is a general question for anyone who says they are no good quality. How do you know? Are you a translator? What experience of Japanese do you have to qualify you to say if translations are bad or not? Sorry for the questions, but if you’re just some random fan saying “oh the translation is bad quality” or “frankly, they’re not any good” .. What basis and qualifications do you have for saying so? It’s not acceptable for someone who doesn’t know Japanese to give a critique on translation quality. There are just too many hateful and spiteful people around for whatever reason. So what is your basis?

  9. Sooo… Status update on last 6 episodes of Goseiger? I mean, I’m sure you guys have good, life-related reasons for it, but I’m a little surprised that 6 episodes have been taking so long… But don’t rush it.

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