Goseiger 45-50 + Last Epic

It's a miracle


FULL BATCH TORRENT (1-16 have been redone and slightly tweaked)

RAWS FOR SUPER SENTAI VS THEATER (We won’t be subbing this, just enjoy them)

FINAL MONSTER FILE (Massive Spoilers)


Here we are. The end of the show! We’re sorry if we made you wait too long, but this show is, work wise, probably the most intensive thing we’ve done. Lot’s of editing and monster notes had to be done, and double checking was a must. Please understand.

In this final arc, we see BladeRun taking center stage as the main villain.  I think he might just be one of the favorite villains (I think I say this for every show we do, but it’s true). The monsters in this arc are all based on movies that got turned into books. Ever thought you’d see a Harry Potter Unicorn beat up some Angels? Well now you can! This is where everything in the show comes together.  All these little plot points join together to form a very entertaining finale. As is Gosei tradition I’ll list out a random thought about each episode:

45: Traditional New Year’s recap, but makes you think a lot about the story. And I’m sure it’ll be useful for most of you. Don’t skip it.

46: ALL THIS PLOT! Also Landics!

47: MORE PLOT! Also a Seaic

48: If anyone ever tells you that Alata is a wimp, you yell at them really loudly until you glow and then you punch that person in the face! Alata is a stone cold badass. (I expect webm’s of this episode!)

49: Alata continues to be a stone cold badass


Last Epic: My advice is to watch this a few days to a week after finishing the series. Originally it was released a few months after the show ended, so give it just enough time to let the TV series sink into your brain. Also, be on the lookout for some obvious Gekiranger references and suit actor cameos.

It feels really great to be done with this show and I’m glad I had the chance to sub one of my first Sentai series. I really want to thank everyone for the nice comments we received while subbing this show. I know a lot of people who said they hated Goseiger until they watched our subtitles. To me, that says a lot about how the style of words and translation can have an overall effect on a show and I’m glad we were able to shed some light on a show that many considered to be trash. If you’ve seen Goseiger before, then I hope you enjoyed going through it again. This was about my third-ish time through it, and it was just as good in my opinion. If you’re about to start it then I recommend not reading as much as you can about this show, and just go in blind. I know by now most of Goseiger has probably been spoiled, but I’d like to believe that there’s a few things left to be found on a first watch through. As always, I’m incredibly thankful to the MFC team for working together on this show. You guys are the best. And the usual thanks go to Kou, and Lynx. I don’t think anyone else could have translated Gosei as well as you guys could. And finally, thanks to Alkaid, you really don’t get the thanks you deserve.

Oh, and thanks to the great pile of rock known as Australia for all the download numbers. I don’t know what Kangaroos want with Goseiger, but I hope they like it!


Goseiger, Megaranger, and Zyuranger are not only my three favorite Sentai shows, but also my three Sentai Firsts (First Livewatch, First Fansub, and First Overall Sentai) and now we’ve subbed all three. Personally, everything after this is just gravy for me.  Delicious galactic gravy.



71 thoughts on “Goseiger 45-50 + Last Epic

  1. Thanks so mmuch for giving this show a proper subbing treatment. Even with some questionable things going on and all the negativity going on at the time, I grew fond of the show and its cast. Can you believe it’s been 4 years?

    I do hope that more people watch these subs of show. Not to necessarily change opinions of the show but to at least have a clearer view of it.

    Can’t wait for your Gingaman subs

  2. Thank you so much for subbing this. I have been very interested in watching Goseiger for quite some time and my Japanese is not yet good enough to watch raw Japanese shows. As soon as this has finished downloading I will be watching this with great excitement.

  3. Congratulations to you and everyone else at MillionFold for finally achieving this feat.

    When it comes to tackling a modern Sentai entry , I know it’s not easy to follow on the footsteps of a previous attempt. I must admit that I’ve been worried more than once due to IRL issues and your behind-the-scenes approach for Goseiger. But now I truly know that when you have your eyes set on a Sentai entry, you do it with exemplary gusto and dedication, and the fansubbing community is brighter for it.

    With that said, I’ll be looking forward to Ohranger!

  4. …Did you guys rip these from the DVD or something? Because episode 45 (and possibly the others; haven’t gotten there yet) doesn’t have that clock in the upper left-hand corner which usually appears in Japanese broadcast shows. And I think the first 44 episodes you subbed DID have that there…

      • Either that, or I only just noticed that the clock wasn’t there (sometimes I’m very observant, other times I’m not).

        …Why DO Japanese broadcasts have the clock there anyway?

      • MegaAnon said: “We just pick the shows we want to do. Date has nothing to do with it. We picked Ginga first, that’s all.”

        I just made a logical assumption based on certain factors, but in the end it is of course your choice to do as you please, just like anyone else. Whatever the reason, I’m still looking forward to both Gingaman and Ohranger, as I have been praying that someone would work on those shows (and many other classic tokusatsu shows) for many years.

        Good luck you guys.

  5. Congrats on finishing Goseiger. I was going to do the series later this year and can’t wait to see your version of it.

    And good luck with Gingaman there. I can’t believe how much of the “classic” PR era is nearly all subbed now (though Carranger is getting there and is over halfway now)

    • Though with how infrequently Sgt. Kira updates the Hikari Senshi subs, I can’t help but fear that GoGoV will never be complete, and neither will Boukenger…

      Not to mention how long Timeranger will take because of its encoding difficulties…

      And personally, I’m waiting until Over-Time has actually completed their Dekaranger and Shinkenger subs before I actually start watching them, but with how little time they have to work on them (given the currently-running series they’re working on), I’m not sure when that’s going to happen…

      • Well technically we have the Bouken and Deka by TV-Nihon but yeah, a better version may not be around for a long time. (and somehow someone needs to do GoGoFive but we’re sort of stuck with it…though honestly I wish someone would allow for them to drop Goggle V so a good older Sentai subber can get that and do it back-to-back with Dynaman)

      • If worst comes to worse, there’s always Bad Apple Fansubs to get Goggle V covered. Judging from their output on Goranger so far, they might be up for it when the time comes since they’re set on doing the overlooked series.

      • Apparently, I heard about the guy saying “money isn’t an issue”, so who knows. For what it’s worth, they will at least tackle the (first) shortest Sentai ever afterwards.

      • Those Hikari Senshi subtitle of Goggle V should not matter because according to you and others the translator is not good anyways, so it need a whole new version anyways no matter.

      • GoGoV, not Goggle V. You’re like the third person to confuse the two when referring to my comment. And I actually like Hikari Senshi’s subs, even if they do have some odd translation choices here and there.

      • don’t worry. If hikari senshi stops, Fantasy Leader (their main translator) has said that he will do negotiations with other groups to use his scripts, so I think GoGoV will be safe.

        @Shape: I think it’s not the translators fault, just the fact that there using the scripts for the portuguese version, which may or may not be the problem.

      • And like I said, I don’t mind their Dairanger and Gekiranger subs (though I can’t help but wonder why they felt the need to literally translate “Ryuuseioh,” “Dairenoh,” and “Daimugen” in the Dairanger subs, and even Sgt. Kira has noted that that was kind of weird when he started doing v2 subs for that show).

      • Welp, forget what I said earlier, it seems that Bad Apple fell apart after one of their members got uppity about the others not pitching in much and took down everything. Guess it wasn’t the money issue that did them in after all, but the burnout. Seems you were right about them not getting to Goggle, MegaAnon.

        But hey, this just goes to prove that a quality over quantity approach is preferable, and you and the rest have consistently delivered on that so far.

        As such, you are the best hope that old toku shows have right now. Please hang in there.

      • I can’t say for sure, but it really seems like BadApple didn’t know what they were getting into. Subbing isn’t super hard, but you can’t just dive in head first and expect everything to work. It’s a shame he had to delete everything like a wuss though.

      • Okay, so it’s been rescued by a fansub group. Apparently led by a teen. With the translation done by some Brazilian team.

        Truth be told, I really have little to no confidence at all that the results will be good. Ugh, why did Goranger have to be treated like a cheap hooker?

        What a disgrace (especially since it has Hiroshi Miyauchi in it, for Pete’s sake)…

  6. I’m iffy about this show, largely because I’ve never been a fan of shows that utilize freakin’ trading cards or playing cards as a means to employ their powers or weapons. That sort of thing is just oversaturated with shows like Yu-Gi-Oh, and seeing that stuff crop up on Super Sentai and Kamen Rider just rubs me the wrong way.

    • The difference being that the heroes aren’t using their cards to play a game. An d if you stick with it long enough then Goseiger gives you an explanation for the cards.

      • I’m thinking it about it, strongly considering it, but I don’t know. but then again it might very well be a step up from the severe lack of proper plot development or character development featured on Power Rangers Megaforce. I don’t know though, I’m on the fence, because I often think that if something doesn’t hit the ground running and doesn’t grab me from the first episode, its not worth watching and I don’t know if I can sit through several episodes of rubbish just to get to the good stuff that they should be doing in the first place. Like I said, I’m very iffy about it because the more recent string of sentai programs have been very disappointing and just come across as just one big giant toy commercial where they try to stick in so many different mechas or whatever at the expense of character development and serious story telling.

  7. I just wanna say that i think it’s great that this show finally got the translation it deserves, especially from a group of such high quality like this one. I feel like your translations are some of the smoothest I have seen in a long while, And it makes the show just bloom to life because of that. You and GUIS are my favorite groups at the moment right now.

    So thank you for your A+ work. I am looking mega forward to Gingaman and Ohranger. Megaanon, what is your personal opinions on the shows?

  8. The hardsubs are up in the folder, they’ve actually been up since last night but they finished uploading while I was asleep. Why I’m only just getting round to mentioning it now at nearly 4 PM over here I don’t know but on the plus side I am mentioning it 😛

      • Yeah I just need to make them and upload them as they just finished downloading, hopefully they should be up by the end of the weekend but I can’t say for certain.

      • They are all up now, the AVIs alone took me the better part of two days to make due to me having other things I needed to do and having to be at the computer to make them (whereas the MP4s I can just batch them up and leave them to encode). It might be time I just give up on AVIs…

        That’s a point everyone who watches the AVIs can you grab one of the MP4s and try it, if it doesn’t work could you send a screen shot either to my Twitter, @JP317, or on a post I’m about to make (to be fair a portion of it will be directly lifted from this post) on my WordPress page, found by clicking my name, showing what the error is? As if you have a computer that runs this day and age it should be able to play the MP4s just fine I mean they even run on consoles like the PS3, 360 and heck I just tested them on a Vita and iPhone and they work there too so surely your PC can handle them right? 😛

  9. On a side note, did anyone else think that the “Land-Sea-Sky Gosei Great” (or whatever they called that combination that only appeared in the last episode and proceeded to curbstomp Brajil) combination and the “Gosei Global” Invocation were complete Ass Pulls?

    • This goes without saying, but it’s definitely going to be a case of quantity over quality. I’d rather wait years for Sentai entries to be done adequately, rather than them going the CS Centrl way.

      Also, giving yourself a deadline is NEVER a good idea in this domain.

    • This isn’t the first time something like this has come around. Personally, I don’t think these kinds of things ever turn out any good, and as a fandom we shouldn’t be in a rush to sub everything.

      I once had a history teacher in college who told us that the reason archaeologists aren’t rushing out to uncover every single fossil is because in the future a better method for excavating that fossil might come out. And if there’s a chance that this new method would result in a more complete fossil then archaeologists are fine with waiting for it. Why dig it up now and damage it? I’ve always viewed subbing like that. Have patience, go one step at a time, and maybe one day it’ll all be complete. These guys seems to have good intentions, but things like this either fizzle out, or attract really low level translators who just end up butchering the show. I’m not saying that people should just sit back and let the sub groups we have now handle it, but we shouldn’t rush out to sub everything just because we can.

      • Excellent point Mega,

        when I first came across fansub sites, I was simply in awe at the amount of work and dedication that was given over to individuals like yourself, who come together for the sake of pouring over hours of Japanese television tokusatsu, learn the Japanese language, and painstakingly translate not just the words, but also put certain things into context for the sake of those who are not part of the Japanese culture (and as such would not quite fully understand why certain things are done a certain way in Japan as compared to how certain social or cultural norms here in the US).

        I myself once attempted to fansub something, and I had no idea how exhaustive such an undertaking was, not to mention how frustrating and time consuming it was. Its why I prefer to lend my support and encouragement to fansub groups and to check out the fruits of their labor rather than attempt such a massive undertaking again.

        Anyway, it would be nice if all shows were done in a timely manner and brought out sooner rather than later, because none of us are getting any younger, but it is better to have a quality product than something done quickly that comes out half assed (rather like certain products sold in fast food establishments).

      • Welp, looks like GUIS have picked up Changeman after all, so LFFS’ gesture wound up being pointless in regards to that.

        Goes to show that good things come to those who wait.

  10. Yet another unrelated post, but…

    Kakuranger is finally finished.

    My thanks to Kou and Lynxara for their work on the series, as they can now rest easy knowing that it’s off the checklist.

  11. This may just be a me problem, but when I try to watch these videos, I can’t. Unlike other torrents I downloaded, this one does not open with Windows Media Player, and these files are called .mkv.
    Now I have just bought apps that state to play .mkv files, but when they play nothing shows up on the screen, but there is at least audio. I’m not sure if you ever had someone tell you this issue, or if it’s just a me thing, or a problem with Windows 8.1, I don’t know. Also it takes forever to download your torrents, but that’s most likely my internet connection.
    Anyway, please inform me if you have any clue on this issue I’m having, please?

    • Your problem is that you’re using Windows Media Player, and Windows 8.1. Also why would you buy apps when tons of video players are free to download and use? Lemme guess, by “other torrents” you’ve only used TVN, right?

      Anyways, read this: http://over-ti.me/faq/

      • I’ve really only had to use Windows Media Player, and I was stuck with Windows 8 when I got my new computer. Really, the update to 8.1 is better, but it still sucks and I wonder why Microsoft wanted to do an update so quickly after 7.
        And yes, the only Sub-group I’ve ever used before is TV-Nihon, but I’m pretty new to using fansubs and I was recommended to TV-Nihon as a starting point. I later heard about this group and that you guys made a damn good Goseiger sub, so I was interested and wanted to extend my knowledge on fansubs, or something like that.
        I’ve also downloaded torrents from Overclocked Remix for their songs and albums, but that was on a windows 7 laptop that is destroyed by now, so I haven’t tested them out yet on my new laptop.
        Also I didn’t download any free apps because almost all free apps on windows store have mixed to low review scores, and trust me when I say that Windows Store app stuff usually sucks, especially the ones with mixed reviews, though that could of been just my paranoia on having to download free app after free app after free app, again and again until you find nothing that works, and I’ve been through that too many times. So I just bought an app, and that didn’t work either. So a fail for me all around.
        Either way, thanks for the link and help, I really appreciate it and I hope to watch your sub team’s work on Goseiger, and maybe even more series you worked on.

      • To be honest, I probably won’t stop watching TV-Nihon. If the thing the link recommended me to use for subs doesn’t work for whatever reason, and I have to go back to watching TVN, I won’t honestly mind.
        Really all these sub group fights have been 2 sides of the same coin. One side is maliciously attacking one group and its watchers, and the other side is doing the same thing. With each side defending themselves and who they watch to the bitter end. Be it the fans or the people who run the groups fighting.
        I can see the flaws of TVN, I’m not blindly thinking everyone who points out their flaws are wrong and see none, but if I have to use whatever works, then I’ll use whatever works. I don’t want to be insulted for seeing their work, even if it’s not the best.

      • I wasn’t insulting, or hating on TVN. In my experience however, they put out poor work. And really, these shows, and this fandom deserves better quality.

      • I know, I’m sorry for my little outburst, and I agree that these shows deserve better dubbers (and like I said, I heard you guys made a great Goseiger, and I also heard Over-Time are pretty good). It’s just that I get a bit defensive, often. It’s the internet’s influence, and looking at too many YouTube comments that sorta made me into the semi-outbursty person I am now.

  12. i wan to ask i download this movie from batch torrent and when i download episode 5 why always stop di the middle? i download from begining again and the result is same do you know why this happen?

  13. A bit late, but is there any chance you could reseed the full batch? Been stuck at 15% for a while now. Thanks!

  14. Having watched Goseiger in its entirety… I have to say that I was rather impressed. the show could be a bit sitcom like in its plots in the early episodes, but I liked how they maintained a good balance of character focus episodes. The monster designs were very awesome, Bladerun himself is an awesome villain.

    Many people complained that the main heroes themselves were kinda bland… I disagree, they were very likeable characters and each one exemplified and personified the various elements they represent: Hyde is cool and calm like the ocean, and because the ocean covers most of the Earth’s surface, it means that hyde is always thinking about the bigger picture. But can also be fierce and powerful like a tidal wave or a tsunami.

    Alata and Eri are also very much like the wind, they can be warm and gentle, like a reassuring breeze, but also display intense ferocity like a raging tornado. Eri’s flakiness and flightiness is also indicative of the ever changing direction of the wind.

    Agri and Moune are both headstrong to the point of stubbornness, like a weed that never goes away no matter how many times you pull it out of the ground. and tend to be as subtle and tactful as an avalanche or an earthquake. But just like the toughest rocks, they do show the occasional cracks, like when Moune displayed how much she missed her mother or Agri’s feelings of doubt regarding his own sense of usefulness to his team.

    The character arc for GoseiKnight was pretty cool, although personally I wished we had gotten an actual sixth Ranger rather than the walk on cameo appearance of ITO YOSUKE as Magis. In addition, given what happened to his character, I wish they had actually explored things between Magis and Hyde in more depth with some flashback montages of their time together, but we don’t even get that, which was a major missed opportunity.

    The different monster factions were very cool, and the monster designs top notch, as I said. Its also kinda funny, when you consider that Goseiger was adapted into a Power Rangers series (a series that is not exactly a favorite of mine, but nevermind) and the Goseigers themselves had a Zordon-like mentor in Master Headder, another big giant floating head that tried to impart wisdom whenever he could communicate with them, and also tried to find a means to reestablish the Tower of Heaven.

    I also have to say that Datas was an awesome Robot character, he was very adorable, but could also throw down in a fight when necessary. Plus his habit of saying ‘indeed’ at the end of each sentence was very cute.

    I also rather enjoyed the overall themes this series represented, particularly when it came to faith. Faith often is the foundation of most religions, not so much the belief in a higher power, but the belief of something greater than ourselves, or having the belief that things will work out, or having faith in others or having faith in oneself to do incredible things despite the odds. its a very positive and uplifting message that is handled well in the series, but since the main characters are Angels, that is to be expected. But I like how its handled without being preachy or trying to proselytize, patronize or be condescending or downright insufferable like most Christian films or programs try to be.

  15. Thank you for subbing this underated show who’s kinda a lost paradise in super sentai with real teamwork, some naughty stuff (Eri & Moune in episode 23), a little blood & badasses villains (Bladerun/Brazil rocks!)!

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