Cho-Riki Sentai Ohranger Batch



Sorry this took so long, but here is a batch for everything except Ohranger vs Kakuranger, which we’ll be releasing this summer when things are less busy. The only changes are some spelling fixes in episodes 8, 27, 39, and 40. Everything else is unchanged. If you have the other episodes we kindly ask that you help seed if you can. It really helps!


The video below is a song called ‘See You Again’ by KYOKO Sound Laboratory. Allegedly it was supposed to be the ED song for Ohranger. Obviously that didn’t work out. You can read more about the song here.

KYOKO is also credited as having written the lyrics for, and composing, Nijiiro Crystal Sky aka the best song in Ohranger.


19 thoughts on “Cho-Riki Sentai Ohranger Batch

  1. My bad, I misremembered what the tweet said.

    (WordPress REALLY needs to make it so that you can reply to any comment and not just the first comment in a thread and the first reply in a thread)

    • I was referring to the post while Ohranger was being subbed. It said that the next project would be explosive. As for the raws, you would’ve thought that after the parody of Dynaman was made that many people would begin working to bring the actual series to life.

  2. Thanks so much! You guys are absolutely wonderful. BTW, did you ever release a full series batch of Megaranger or did I totally imagine that? Now that I’m looking I might be misremembering the 1-24 batch as the whole series haha. If you did, please point me in the right direction and if not, is it something you plan on doing when time allows? Just curious 🙂 Take care!

    • As with Zyuranger, I’m keeping these subs and buying the Shout! Factory DVDs.

      I would ask that you keep offering the scripts and take down the muxed batch itself.

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