Ohranger 32


This is quite possibly one of the greatest episodes I’ve ever watched in a Sentai series. I’m not joking! It’s amazing! After watching this you can totally see how Sugimura went on to write the Resident Evil series. There’s times when you’re watching this where you think “This is a family show, right?” This episode doesn’t emulate the horror genre, it is the horror genre. It’s just perfect. This is one episode I could put on at anytime and just rewatch it. This is that one episode that people will think of when they think of Ohranger (which is probably a good thing considering last episode.)

So go grab some popcorn, and dig in!


4 thoughts on “Ohranger 32

  1. I’m super excited for the next episode, as it’s the debut of OhBlocker, one of my all-time favorite mecha designs. I’ve always been rather fond of the robots that are formed from five individual humanoid robots (like Muteki Shogun or VRV Robo, or for the Power Rangers fans around here, Shogun Megazord and Rescue Megazord).

  2. You sold me with that description, even though I haven’t watched any of the sentai shows after DaiRanger. Anyway, this wasn’t over-hyped at all…what a great episode! Possibly one of the best horror toku episodes I’ve ever seen, even topping JAKQ #15. And what a kawaii ending!

    I used to spend hours playing the Biohazard/Resident Evil games for PlayStation. Resident Evil 2 was always my favorite of the series, and I gather that’s the one Sugimura had the most input on. Shame about the crappy American voice acting, which was even on the Japanese releases.

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