Gekisou Sentai Carranger VS Ohranger Blu-Ray




Here’s that something special we promised you! Taking place after the end of Ohranger, this movie finds our Cho-Riki heroes tracking down the last member of Baranoia, only to find a group of unremarkable civilians instead.

For the full effect we recommend watching Carranger first. Not like anyone should need an excuse to watch Carranger though! If you haven’t seen Ohranger, you’re probably safe. There’s nothing here that spoils the show (unless the heroes winning is a spoiler). In fact this movie has a line about how if all 5 Ohrangers aren’t together they’re apparently not at full strength which is something that was never mentioned, or touched upon, in the show (and according to Japanese Wikipedia was actually made up specifically for this movie). So basically if you’ve only seen Carranger, feel free to watch this movie. If you haven’t seen Carranger then what’s wrong with you?

Dynaman 10-13



And now for the continuing adventures of those wacky Dyna Kids!

As mentioned last time this marks the beginning of Dynaman’s time slot change from 6:00-6:30 PM on Saturday to 6:00-6:25 PM. All this means is there’s more time for action and explosions, and less time for talking.

Kagaku Sentai Dynaman 1-9



Here it is! 1983’s explosive entry in the Super Sentai series, Dynaman! This show is non stop action and explosions. And it’s awesome! I think you guys are going to have a lot of fun watching this one. If you like over the top action, ton’s of pyrotechnics, and a fun cast then Dynaman is definitely for you.

Episodes 1-9 presented here are the 25 minute episodes. Starting with episode 10 the Sentai series would be reduced by five minutes. Originally airing 6:00-6:30 PM on Saturday, the timeslot was shortened to 6:00-6:25 PM on Saturday. Naturally this reduced the total runtime for each episode to 20 minutes. Fortunately the most this amounts to so far is more explosions, and action.

Unfortunately we do have to point out that on April 12, 2016 Ohira Toru, the narrator of Dynaman, pass away at the age of 86. Besides Dynaman, Ohira narrated every Sentai show starting from episode 14 of Goranger-Dynaman. He’d later return to the franchise to narrate Zyuranger, and to voice Emperor Baccshund in Ohranger. Outside of Sentai he was most famous as the dub voice for Darth Vader, as well as the narrator for Spiderman, and the Metal Hero series Shaider, Juspion, Spielban, Jiraiya, and Jiban. Ohira is really in top form in Dyna and he’s a real joy to listen to. He will be missed.


EDIT: I was asked about what type of train Dr. Yumeno’s “Sweet Potato Train” is. I’ll admit I spent a bit of time trying to identify it for curiosity’s sake, but I couldn’t come up with a good answer. After the bump is a rather lengthy, and pointless, writeup on what I could figure out.

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