Intergalactic Annihilation Army WarStar

BladeRun of the Comet

Translated Monster Name: Bladerun of the Comet

Based On The Film: Blade Runner (1982)

Film’s Japanese Title: ブレードランナー

Translated Japanese Film Title: Blade Runner

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Bureedo Rannaa

Japanese Monster Name: 彗星のブレドラン

Transliterated Monster Name: Suisei no Buredoran

Planet of Origin: Unknown

Based on the Insect: Ball-Bearing Leafhopper

Hobby (from the official webpage): Thinking up plans

Voice Actor: Tobita Nobuo

Episode: 1

The Reference Is: In the director’s cut of Blade Runner, it is implied that the film’s protagonist is not actually a human being. Is Bladerun actually a Warstar?

Notes: The “no” particle is used in monster names throughout the series, but will be interpreted differently in each arc to emphasize how differently the names are written in Japanese. The translation used for Warstar monsters is “of the.”

Dareptor of the Meteor
Dareptor of the Meteor

Translated Monster Name: Dareptor of the Meteor

Based On The Film: Predator (1987)

Film’s Japanese Title: プレデター

Translated Japanese Film Title: Predator

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Puredetaa

Japanese Monster Name: 流星のデレプタ

Transliterated Monster Name: Ryuusei no Dereputa

Planet of Origin: Stinma (Not stated in-show)

Based on the Insect: Mantis

Hobby (from the official webpage): Listening to the screams of the weak

Voice Actor: Koyama Rikiya

Episode: 1

The Reference Is: The Predator is an alien who relentlessly hunts the film’s human protagonists for an unknown purpose. Dareptor detests the human race and would gladly exterminate it.

Notes: Goseiger ascribes a weird or goofy “hobby” for every monster, seen only on its official webpage data profile. This is similar to Hurricanger, which listed a “favorite food” for each monster on its official webpage, and Gekiranger, which gave all of its monsters a “favorite place.”

Mohth Drekk of the Planetoid

Translated Monster Name: Mohth Drekk of the Planetoid

Based On The Film: Star Trek (2009)

Film’s Japanese Title: スタートレック

Translated Japanese Film Title: Star Trek

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Sutaa Torekku

Japanese Monster Name: 惑星のモンス・ドレイク

Transliterated Monster Name: Wakusei no Monsu Doreiku

Planet of Origin: Mohth

Based on the Insect: Atlas Moth

Hobby (from the official webpage): Wing maintenance

Voice Actor: Iizuka Shouzou

Episode: 1

The Reference Is: Mohth Drekk attempts to literally destroy the entire planet Earth. The film’s plot concerns the literal destruction of the planets Vulcan and Romulus.

Notes: “Wakusei” literally means planet, but will be translated as “planetoid” as relates to Mohth Drekk. This is to distinguish it clearly in English from “hoshi,” the term the Guardian Angels use to refer to the Earth, which is translated as “planet.” In Japanese, “wakusei” refers to planets in outer space, while “hoshi” can mean “star” or can refer colloquially to the planet Earth.

Closenthird of the Clump
Closenthird of the Clump

Translated Monster Name: Closenthird of the Clump

Based On The Film: Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

Film’s Japanese Title: 未知との遭遇

Translated Japanese Film Title: First Encounter with the Unknown

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Michi to no Sougu

Japanese Monster Name: 塊のミゾーグ

Transliterated Monster Name: Katamari no Mizoogu

Planet of Origin: Barasc

Based on the Insect: Scarab Beetle

Hobby (from the official webpage): Bowling

Voice Actor: Ugaki Hidenari

Episode: 1

The Reference Is: The monster molds clumps of dirt into balls to attack, just as the protagonist of Close Encounters famously molded mashed potatoes into the landscape from the film’s climax. The Japanese title of the film also refers to first contact with alien life, and this is the first monster fought in the show. Finally, the scarab beetle is a desert insect, and much of Close Encounters takes place in desert landscapes.


Planapes of the UFO
Planapes of the UFO

Translated Monster Name: Planapes of the UFO

Based On The Film: Planet of the Apes (1968)

Film’s Japanese Title: 猿の惑星

Translated Japanese Film Title: Planet of the Apes

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Saru no Wakusei

Japanese Monster Name: UFOのザルワック

Transliterated Monster Name: UFO no Zaruwakku

Planet of Origin: Gubydal

Based on the Insect: Ladybug

Hobby (from the official webpage): Cattle Mutilation

Voice Actor: Ogata Mitsuru

Episode: 2

The Reference Is: Planapes captures humans in nets, which parallels the famous “hunting” scenes from the original film.


Thethin of the Freeze
Thethin of the Freeze

Translated Monster Name: Thethin of the Freeze

Based On The Film: The Thing (1982)

Film’s Japanese Title: 遊星からの物体X

Translated Japanese Film Title: Object X From Another World

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Yuusei kara no Butai X

Japanese Monster Name: 氷雪のユウゼイクス

Transliterated Monster Name: Hyousetsu no Yuuzeikusu

Planet of Origin: Midnochir

Based on the Insect: Chironomid

Hobby (from the official webpage): Snowball Fights

Voice Actor: Yasumoto Hiroki

Episode: 3

The Reference Is: Thethin is a monster that attacks by freezing people. The film takes place in the Antarctic.


Marsatta of the Muse-ic
Marsatta of the Muse-ic

Translated Monster Name: Marsatta of the Muse-ic

Based On The Film: Mars Attacks (1996)

Film’s Japanese Title: マーズ・アタック!

Translated Japanese Film Title: Mars Attacks

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Maazu Attakku

Japanese Monster Name: ミューズィックのマズアータ

Transliterated Monster Name: Myuuzikku no Mazuaata

Planet of Origin: Teckric

Based on the Insect: Cricket

Hobby (from the official webpage): Writing songs in a quiet environment

Voice Actor: Ishino Ryuzou

Episode: 4

The Reference Is: Marsatta attacks with the power of loud music. In the film, the sole weakness of the Martians is that their heads explode when they hear the Slim Whitman song “Indian Love Call.”


Waroworls of the Plague

Translated Monster Name: Waroworls of the Plague

Based On The Film: War of the Worlds (2005)

Film’s Japanese Title: 宇宙戦争

Translated Japanese Film Title: Space War

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Uchuu Sensou

Japanese Monster Name: 流感のウチュセルゾー

Transliterated Monster Name: Ryuuwaku no Uchuuseruzoo

Planet of Origin: Bugntisk (Not stated in-show)

Based on the Insect: Stinkbug

Hobby (from the official webpage): Viral Research

Voice Actor: Nakao Ryuusei

Episode: 5

The Reference Is: Waroworls attacks by spreading disease. In the film (as in the book), the Martian invasion stops when Earth diseases begin killing them off.


Hidde of the Flash
Hidde of the Flash

Translated Monster Name: Hidde of the Flash

Based On The Film: The Hidden (1987)

Film’s Japanese Title: ヒドゥン

Translated Japanese Film Title: Hidden

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Hidun

Japanese Monster Name: 韋駄天のヒドウ

Transliterated Monster Name: Idaten no Hidou

Planet of Origin: Ilfnograd

Based on the Insect: Dragonfly

Hobby (from the official webpage): Running

Voice Actor: Takagi Wataru

Episode: 6

The Reference Is: This monster runs so quickly that he can’t be seen. The alien in The Hidden was an energy being that possessed humans, and was therefore “invisible”.


Avauter of the Research
Avauter of the Research

Translated Monster Name: Avauter of the Research

Based On The Film: Avatar (2009)

Film’s Japanese Title: アバター

Translated Japanese Film Title: Avatar

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Abataa

Japanese Monster Name: 研究のアバウタ

Transliterated Monster Name: Kenkyuu no Abauta

Planet of Origin: Stermetorop (Not stated in-show)

Based on the Insect: Dobsonfly (protohermes grandis)

Hobby (from the official webpage): Research

Episode: 7

Voice Actor: Nojima Akio

The Reference Is: Avautar wanted to destroy the Earth’s forests to eliminate its oxygen supply, similar to the way the humans wished to destroy Pandora’s natural beauty to extract unobtainium in Avatar.


Fantafo of the Folly
Fantafo of the Folly

Translated Monster Name: Fantafo of the Folly

Based On The Film: Fantastic Four (2005)

Film’s Japanese Title: ファンタスティック・フォー

Translated Japanese Film Title: Fantastic Four

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Fantasutikku Foo

Japanese Monster Name: 出鱈目のファンダホー

Transliterated Monster Name: Detarame no Fantahoo

Planet of Origin: Tornho (Not stated in-show)

Based on the Insect: Hornet

Hobby (from the official webpage): Daydreaming about his future as a commander

Voice Actor: Takato Yasuhiro

Episode: 8

The Reference Is: This plot actually references the sequel to Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. In that film, the various members of the Fantastic Four swap powers due to an accident. Fantafo’s power is to cross signals in living beings and inanimate objects, which he uses to make Gosei Red’s powers malfunction.


Aelien, Queen of the Hive
Aelien, Queen of the Hive

Translated Monster Name: Aelien, Queen of the Hive

Based On The Film: Alien (1979)

Film’s Japanese Title:  エイリアン

Translated Japanese Film Title: Alien

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Eirian

Japanese Monster Name: 女王蜂のイリアン

Transliterated Monster Name: Jooubachi no Irian

Planet of Origin: Pwas

Based on the Insect: Wasp

Hobby (from the official webpage): Visiting hardware stores (esp. shopping for furniture)

Voice Actor: Yukana

Episode: 9

The Reference Is: This is another case where the plot actually references the film’s sequel. Aelien is “queen of the hive,” similar to the “Queen Alien” who is the dominant antagonist in Aliens. Aelien can also secrete acid, a reference to the xenomorphs’ acidic blood.

Notes: Note that this monster of the week has an antagonistic relationship to Dareptor. This is a direct reference to the Aliens vs Predator franchise. This episode is the highest-rated episode of Goseiger, which appears to be a direct result of Yukana’s fans tuning in to see her performance as the monster. Much of her dialogue was considered outrageously risque for a morning kid’s show.

Crisolar of the 5000°C
Crisolar of the 5000°C

Translated Monster Name: Crisolar of the 5000°C

Based On The Film: Solar Crisis (1990)

Film’s Japanese Title: クライシス2050

Translated Japanese Film Title: Crisis 2050

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Kuraishisu 2050

Japanese Monster Name: 5000℃のクラスニーゴ

Transliterated Monster Name: Gosendo no Kurasuniigo

Planet of Origin: Liveew

Based on the Insect: Weevil

Hobby (from the official webpage): Visiting hot springs

Voice Actor: Maeno Tokiaki

Episode: 10

The Reference Is: In Solar Crisis, a giant solar flare threatens to destroy the Earth. Crisolar attacks with intense, sun-like heat.

Notes: Goseiger generally never references “domestic” films; that is, films made in Japanese. Most references are to Hollywood or other “foreign” films. Solar Crisis is close to being the only exception, as it is a Japanese-American co-production that is fairly obscure in the West. It is also known by the title Crisis 2050 in English.

Battersinc of the Shock
Battersinc of the Shock

Translated Monster Name: Battersinc of the Shock

Based On The Film: Batteries Not Included (1987)

Film’s Japanese Title: ニューヨーク東8番街の奇跡

Translated Japanese Film Title: Miracle on New York’s East 8th Street

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Nyuuyooku Tou Hachiban no Kiseki

Japanese Monster Name: 電撃のヨークババンガー

Transliterated Monster Name: Dengeki no Yookubabangaa

Planet of Origin: Dacaci (Not stated in-show)

Based on the Insect: Cicada

Hobby (from the official webpage): Linguistics

Voice Actor: Shioya Kouzou

Episode: 11

The Reference Is: Battersinc drains electrcity. In the film, mechanical aliens must “consume” electricity in order to survive.

Notes: The Japanese film title is based on an alternate title for the film, “Miracle on 8th Street.” In Japanese, Battersinc speaks entirely in two-kanji compounds, which would come across as simplistic and declarative. This was translated as speaking in all caps to try and get a similar feel. His website hobby is actually “jukugo,” which is the term for words that are just kanji. We localized this for the data file, so it would make sense with the way the episode is translated.

Powardeduc of the Seeding
Powardeduc of the Seeding

Translated Monster Name: Powardeduc of the Seeding

Based On The Film: Howard the Duck (1986)

Film’s Japanese Title: ハワード・ザ・ダック/暗黒魔王の陰謀

Translated Japanese Film Title: Howard the Duck/The Demon Lord’s Plot

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Hawaado za Dakku/Ankoku Maou no Inbou

Japanese Monster Name: 変わり種のパワードダーク

Transliterated Monster Name: Kawaridane no Pawaadodaaku

Planet of Origin: Hongonlr

Based on the Insect: Longhorn Beetle

Hobby (from the official webpage): Mimicry

Voice Actor: Matsumoto Yasunori

Episode: 13

The Reference Is: This one’s a bit of a stretch. Powardeduc devours seeds to grant himself powers. In the film, the antagonist is a human who gained superhuman powers after being “seeded” with an alien consciousness by an experimental laser.


Targate of the Satellite

Translated Monster Name: Targate of the Satellite

Based On The Film: Stargate (1994)

Film’s Japanese Title: スターゲイト

Translated Japanese Film Title: Stargate

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Sutaageito

Japanese Monster Name: 衛星のターゲイト

Transliterated Monster Name: Eisei no Taageito

Planet of Origin: Thilago (Not stated in-show)

Based on the Insect: Goliath Beetle

Hobby (from the official webpage): Interior Design

Voice Actor: Inada Tetsu

Episode: 14

The Reference Is: Targate’s power to suck his victims into pocket dimensions references the titular stargate, a device that generates a wormhole that allows for travel between planets.


Capteo of the Supernova
Capteo of the Supernova

Translated Monster Name: Capteo of the Supernova

Based On The Film: Captain EO

Film’s Japanese Title:  キャプテンEO

Translated Japanese Film Title: Captain EO

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Kyaputen Eeoo

Japanese Monster Name: 超新星のギョーテンオー

Transliterated Monster Name: Choushinsei no Gyootenoo

Planet of Origin: Dyditak

Based on the Insect: Katydid

Hobby (from the official webpage): Researching folk tales and legends

Voice Actor: Shibata Hidekatsu

Episode: Epic on the Movie

The Reference Is:    The film Captain EO was a science fiction musical, in which the titular character destroys an evil society by singing and dancing. Capteo’s plan in the film involves playing a trumpet to trigger Ragnarok and destroy Earth.

Notes: The Captain EO film has only ever been shown at select Disney theme parks. The film has never been released on home video, as it was intended to be seen in 3D with a number of in-theater special effects acting as enhancements. Although the attraction closed down in the 1990s, it was revived at several Disney parts in 2010 following the death of star Michael Jackson. The revival is still in 3D, but uses updated, simplified in-theater effects. This makes Capteo the only Goseiger monster based on a theme park attraction.

Deempac of the Morning Star
Deempac of the Morning Star

Translated Monster Name: Deempac of the Morning Star

Based On The Film: Deep Impact (1998)

Film’s Japanese Title: ディープ・インパクト

Translated Japanese Film Title: Deep Impact

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Deipu Inpakuto

Japanese Monster Name: 明星のデインバルト

Transliterated Monster Name: Meisei no Deinbaruto

Planet of Origin: Desapoida

Based on the Insect: Diopsoidea

Hobby (from the official webpage): Playing the trumpet

Voice Actor:  Shimada Bin

Episode: Epic on the Movie

The Reference Is: The film Deep Impact concerns a massive comet that is on course to strike Earth, ending all life as we know it. The plot of the movie concerns a meteorite that falls to earth as a shooting star and the end of the world.


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  1. omfg! I like this database. Most of the hobbies of the monsters made me lol. Keep up the good work, guys. It’s a neat release!

  2. This is honestly really cool. I love this kind of thing.
    Thanks for the hard work, MegaAnon and Lynxara, I love you two! In fact, I really love the entire toku fansubbing community, you guys are great 🙂

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