Earth Salvation Plan

Brajil, the Messiah

Translated Monster Name: Brajil, the Messiah

Based On The Film: Brazil (1985)

Film’s Japanese Title: ブラジル

Translated Japanese Film Title: Brazil

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Burajiru

Japanese Monster Name: 救星主のブラジラ

Transliterated Monster Name: Kyuuseishu no Burajira


Based on Mythological Creature: Angel

Hobby (from the official webpage): Cosplay

Voice Actor:  Tobita Nobuo

The Reference Is…: Brazil is a Terry Gilliam film about a man who discovers he lives in an oppressive dystopia and tries to change it, except he fails and maybe he never actually tried very hard. Brajil tries to destroy the world so he can remake it into a better one, except….

Episode:  Reoccuring

Notes: Brajil’s title is read the same as the usual reading for the word “savior” or “messah” (救世主) but uses the kanji for “star/planet” (星) where the word usually uses the kanji for “world.” (世) This creates parallelism with the Goseiger’s kanji name (seen in the opening credits if you look hard), 護星者.

Brajil’s name is similar to Djibril, the Arabic name of the Archangel Gabriel. Japanese pop culture frequently gives the name Djibril to villains with a fallen angel or avenging angel motif.

This arc’s monsters are all based on fantasy book series that were adapted into film series.This motif also extends to Brajil, in a slightly different form. Terry Gilliam’s film Brazil is inspired by what he knew of George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, which Gilliam had not actually read. A working title for the film Brazil, in fact, was 1984 1/2. While not usually considered a fantasy novel, 1984 does contain some elements that could be interpreted as urban or low fantasy.


Orthros Headder, Kronica’Narna

Translated Monster Name: Orthros Headder, Kronica’Narna

Based On The Film: The Chronicles of Narnia (2005)

Film’s Japanese Title: ナルニア国物語

Translated Japanese Film Title: Tales of the Country of Narnia

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Narunia-koku Monogatari

Japanese Monster Name: オルトウロスヘッダーのナモノ・ガタリ

Transliterated Monster Name: Orutourosu Heddaa no Namono-Gatari

Element: Earth

Based on Mythological Creature: Minotaur & Orthrus

Hobby (from the official webpage): Pondering

Voice Actor:  Imamura Takahiro & Tsukui Kyousei

The Reference Is…: To defeat Kronica’Narna, siblings Agri and Moune must work together. The plot of Chronicles of Narnia concerns a number of siblings who must work together to defeat various villains.

Episode:  46

Notes: The naming scheme of each of the three Dark Headders is split based on how many heads it has, with each part of the name being the name of one of the heads. Hence the heads of this monster are named “Kronica” and “Narna”, the heads of the next episode’s monster are “Bary” “Pol” and “Ter,” and the names of the last episode’s monster are “Lor” “O” “Tha” and “Rin.”

Uniberus Headder, Bary’Pol’Ter

Translated Monster Name: Uniberus Headder, Bary’Pol’Ter

Based On The Film: Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone (2001)

Film’s Japanese Title: ハリー・ポッター

Translated Japanese Film Title: Harry Potter

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Harii Pottaa

Japanese Monster Name: ユニベロスヘッダーのバリ・ボル・ダラ

Transliterated Monster Name: Yuniberosu Heddaa no Bari-Boru-Dara

Element : Water

Based on Mythological Creature: Unicorn & Cerberus

Hobby (from the official webpage): Polo

Voice Actor:  Egawa Hisao

The Reference Is…: Here the reference isn’t in the plot so much as it’s in the animal motif. In the first Harry Potter novel we find out that villain Voldemort extended his life by drinking unicorn’s blood. We’re also introduced to Fluffy, a cerberus who guards something important.

Episode:  47



Hydrapan Headder, Lor’O’Tha’Rin

Translated Monster Name: Hydrapan Headder, Lor’O’Tha’Rin

Based On The Film: The Lord of the Rings film series (2001)

Film’s Japanese Title: ロード・オブ・ザ・リング

Translated Japanese Film Title: Lord of the Rings

Transliterated Japanese Film Title: Roodo obu za ringu

Japanese Monster Name: ヒドラパーンヘッダーのロー・オ・ザー・リ

Transliterated Monster Name: Hidorapaan Heddaa no Roo-O-Zaa-Ri

Element: Sky

Based on Mythological Creature: Hydra & Faun

Hobby (from the official webpage): Silence

Voice Actor:  Yanaka Hiroshi

The Reference Is…: This episode’s plot is primarily concerned with the battle against the fallen Gosei Knight, who is fighting his former friends after being captured by Brajil and having his mind affected. This is probably meant as a parallel to what happens to Frodo in the final volume (or film) of The Lord of the Rings series, The Return of the King.

Episode:  48

Notes: Japanese fans believe that the plot about Gosei Knight becoming the “monster” Dark Gosei Knight may be a reference to the 2008 Christopher Nolan film The Dark Knight.


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