17 thoughts on “Gingaman Licensed by Shout! Factory

  1. please seed. I just need only episode 1 and episode 8 to download. I m stuck. so please. I need more seeds

    • Did you try to find the links in the older postings? I’m working on the two episodes that you need as we speak as a back up.

    • o please lets not piss off the subbers by asking that question, that is the one question that gets some groups to say F*ck it and quit or really pisses them off to possibly delay it, so im sure I say it for everyone plus the subbers to not ask that and just wait til they release it if or when its ready

      • Well, only one person has asked about it so far and MFC itself previously said they were going to sub it.

        It would be pretty difficult to get pissed off solely based on that.

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