Megaranger Licensed By Shout! Factory


Well we all knew this day was coming. Naturally, the torrents have now been taken down out of respect to Shout.

We ask that you support the official releases if you can and please don’t complain in the comments if you can’t.



7 thoughts on “Megaranger Licensed By Shout! Factory

  1. I loved the subs you guys did for Megaranger, and I am grateful that you introduced me to what I consider to be one of the best sentai series. I am glad Shout! Factory are releasing this as now even more people can be exposed to the joys of the Diet Crepe song.

  2. love the work that you do and at least they are getting up to there 6th subbing of super sentai, silly question tho have you heard if they will be doing there own subbing this time or will they basically steal your subs like they did for ohranger??? also not to be a nit pick or anything but does the licensing of the seasons include the vs movies at all? or will you be keeping those up since you never did release the oh vs kaku, have to say im inpressed they are pushing the seasons out as fast as they are since other shows that I follow are taking forever to get released, keep up your good work and hope to see more of your great work in the near future once more 🙂

      • Here’s hoping they backtrack eventually and release official versions of the earlier series as well, then they can change their packaging tagline to “WAY before Power Rangers there was…”

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