Cho-Riki Sentai Ohranger Liscensed by Shout Factory


Ohranger has been announced for DVD release this November from the folks at Shout Factory. We will be retiring the Ohranger torrents from the internet out of respect to Shout.

As far as the movies go, we’ll see about releasing those as standalone releases along with the scripts for every episode. But for now, Ohranger will See you Again in November.


16 thoughts on “Cho-Riki Sentai Ohranger Liscensed by Shout Factory

  1. You can just make a DDL link for the movies and keep them up linked in the blogs for a while. November is a long time away and if people check your site for updates, then there is enough time to acquire the movies before the DVD release.

  2. not sure to be happy or sad by this, movies meaning that your still gonna release the vs kaku soon? or at all? just curious not demanding, kinda sad to see all your hard work going away since you just finished this back in what januaray? keep up the good work anyways

      • I had no idea there was bd rereleases for the vs sentai out in japan, wonder if this is why other groups are waiting to sub some vs? I only asked since the only current vs kaku that I can find is the gaosoul and no one is seeding that since they went and disappeared making that a nightmare to download to watch and I don’t own facebook and don’t care to watch the movie in 3 or 4 different parts

  3. You shouldn’t do that. DVDs are regionalized that that leaves a lot of people who can’t buy and watch them. Myself included.

    • It’s for legal reasons. That said, the Internet never forgets, if you will.

      I’m just happy they are leaving up the scripts. I actually spliced the GUIS subs into my Shout! Factory Zyuranger DVDs and it makes an already great release even better.

      • They were already distributing pirated rips of Japanese DVDs. So I fail to see the difference in what this release changes…

    • Purchase an all-region DVD player that can handle PAL and NTSC TVs. They’re very easy to get in most countries.

  4. Great. Inferior release that is stupidly priced and unavailable to my country causes this once again. Love it.

  5. so sad, kinda disappointed… not all countries can access shoutfactory, just like mine…
    anyways, thanks guys for the effort of releasing this series…

  6. Please for still opening the torrents, I only downloaded 10 episodes. And of course there will be no original Shout Factory DVD ini my country, if there is any it will be at unaffordable price. Thanks 🙂

  7. For those that Shout Factory doesn’t ship to, what about getting the DVD’s on Amazon? Will they ship to you?

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