Gavan 20-21

[MFC] Uchuu Keiji Gavan - 21.mkv_snapshot_01.45_[2016.02.13_23.55.13].jpg

Nyaa has been very screwy lately so we’ll add a torrent later. For now you can get the episodes from the link below.



Happy Valentines Day! We’ve got two episodes for you! In our first episode Makku is after the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs, and in our second episode the very cause that killed the dinosaurs comes back! Actually that last part isn’t quite true. I’m  actually talking about the legendary Machiko Soga, who guest stars as Honeybee Doubler in episode 21! It’s great seeing her interact with Tatara Jun, as the two would later act alongside each other in Zyuranger 10 years later. In typical Soga fashion she steals the show and becomes the star. Toei fans in 1982 would’ve pretty familiar with Soga since she played Queen Hedorian in Sun Vulcan, which aired the year before Gavan started, and of course she was also in Denjiman the year before. I can only imagine they were excited as we were to see her name in the credits.

Like I said she steals the show as only she can, and it’s just a joy to watch. We hope you enjoy it!

TRIVIA: Machiko Soga’s final role was reprising Honey/Honeybee Doubler for the PS2 game Space Sheriff Spirits. She also played Dark Galaxy Queen, an original character that served as the final boss of the game.



5 thoughts on “Gavan 20-21

  1. “It’s great seeing her interact with Tatara Jun, as the two would later act alongside each other in Zyuranger 11 years later.”

    I think you mean 10 years later, since Zyuranger aired in 1992. Unless you mean that this episode was actually filmed in 1981.

  2. Afro Soga…this just makes me have nightmares of a certain Sun Vulcan episode. (then again at least it isn’t “afro disco dancing Soga” like that episode)

  3. Did Mega Anon go to Comicon because it’s been a while since a release? If so you lucky dog and if not then Dynaman could be right around the corner.

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