Gavan 17-19



Here’s a triple set of Gavan! In episode 17 Mimi falls in love with a policeman, while Gavan goes for a wild car ride. The car stunts are pretty crazy and it’s nice to let Mimi have her own ep once in a while.

Episode 18 needs a bit of explaining. The plot is a reference to the folktale of Urashimataro mixed in with a bit of Jaws.Anyways, the story goes that Urashimataro rescues a turtle on the beach. As thanks, Urashimataro is taken to the Dragon God Palace which lies at the bottom of the sea. There he meets Otohime, the princess of the castle. After staying in the palace for three days Urashimataro requests to go home and upon returning to the surface he discovers that he has actually been gone for 300 years!

Some of this is explained in the episode itself, but I feel that if you go in knowing the story you’ll enjoy the episode a bit more. If you want to read the full details of the story Wikipedia has a good article on it here.

Finally in episode 19, Gavan’s combat suit is damaged! Without access to his laser attacks, or the Laser Blade, he doesn’t stand a chance against Makuu. He’s going to need Commander Qom and Marine’s help to recharge the suit so he can beat Dinosaur Doubler. This episode wastes no time getting into the action and it’s pretty cool to see the combat suit act like an actual suit that can be damaged instead of invincible super hero armor.

We’ll have more Gavan real soon! Till then, enjoy!



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