Ohranger 43-44

[MFC] Cho-Riki Sentai Ohranger_43


More wacky hijinks involving Kubota and Family, plus the ever annoying Gunmajin! Yaaaaay. Lot’s of good gif and webm moments in 43 though.


17 thoughts on “Ohranger 43-44

  1. After the darkness of 39-42, I wasn’t expecting the return to comedy antics in 43 but I guess that’s what happens when Uehara writes Ohranger scripts. The team’s costumes were amusing and who knew Riki made for such a pretty girl? Kubota and his family losing their home was pretty depressing, I thought.

    I know you guys hate Gunmajin but I thought his behavior mostly fit in with 44’s theme, which seemed to be “fools for love”. Miura makes for a much better and funnier deus ex machina anyway. The forest setting was really beautiful to look at and that maltese was *adorable*.

    The final four are gonna be fucking amazing.

  2. These were good episodes and it was nice to see the darker tones of the series not as much here. While Momo is far prettier than Princess Maltiua’s human form, it does seem like a lot of episodes are about her. We’ve barely gotten any episodes with Juri or Yuuji in ages and it’s gotten a little dominated by pink and red. I know that the actress, who still looks amazing, who played Momo was a little demanding, but I want to see more of Dorin and the other rangers.

    Still if someone could put Momo’s head on Juri’s body then that would be a woman.

  3. Thanks for subbing all these episodes, MegaAnon. I stopped watching the series for a while and have just now caught up. Why are you releasing these in 2 packs now? Oh well, I’m looking forward to the next episode.

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