12 thoughts on “Ohranger 41-42

  1. 41 might be my new favorite! Such a great conclusion to the transitional arc. The two new villains are just as brutal and amusing as I had hoped for. (Yeah yeah, Gunmajin is used as a deus ex machina again but I refuse to let him hinder my enjoyment of this show.)

    42 was also great. Bara-Hunter is one of the most badass Machine Beasts yet and I’m liking that Bulldont and Maltihua are continuing to get in on the action. Nice to see a bit more of the supporting characters but I’m still not sure what the deal is with Dorin.

    thankyouthankyouthankyou MegaAnon for all your work!

  2. I am so pumped!!! I like to watch my Sentai/Rider all at once over the course of a week or so… so I have been collecting these since the beginning and I’m so happy we’re in the home stretch. So many fansub groups start out with great intentions and then they don’t make it to the end for various reasons. **knocks wood** Thank you for everything. I can’t wait for you to finish this project, and hopefully move on to bring another great but as-yet unsubbed Sentai to an eager English audience!

  3. Does it bother anyone that Bulldont married his cousin. Even thought they’re robots, it’s still a form of incest. I would’ve said that Maltihua was a retainer to Hysterrier who was like a real relative because a child is on the way.

      • And Japan has WEIRD standards in regards to incest; cousins dating and marrying is okay, but parent and child incest is not, and neither is actual siblings. At least, that’s my understanding anyway. I’m probably completely wrong though.

      • Not to mention they are alien robots. Did anyone like what Zeo turned them into? In another version I would’ve made Sprocket combine with his brother and his eventual wife with Archina to revive the Machine Empire.

      • @Matt: In Zeo, Prince Gasket was a separate character from Sprocket, and Archerina was actually from a rival family. Mondo and Machina had disowned Gasket because he married Archerina and built Sprocket as basically a replacement. When Gasket showed up and defeated Louie Kaboom, Machina started showing favoritism towards him and Sprocket got jealous.

      • Zeo was so bad that some of the details of the series were blurred from being so bad. If anything i did like Klank’s accent and Orbus was adorable. I still think the may have survived Zordon’s energy blast because Klank and Orbus were like Finster, obedient to their lords, but goodnatured so they could have been given human forms to live in peace.

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