Ohranger 39 & 40

Cho-Riki Sentai Ohranger: The Gold Dog of Death


We’re back from summer vacation!


8 thoughts on “Ohranger 39 & 40

  1. Oh shit, and just when I was about to go to bed! Gotta watch these now since I’ve been waiting for so long and they’re gonna be so awesome. Thanks for the upload!

  2. 39 & 40 might be my favorite episodes yet of Ohranger. Absolutely fantastic. Can’t rave about them enough. Nice to see the old Robos back for a little bit. Great payoff to Baranoia palace intrigue, although I know it’s not over yet!

    Three quick errors I noticed: 1) Bomber the Great is credited twice in episode 39’s opening titles. 2) In episode 40, he says “What wrong, Ohranger?” when it probably should be “What’s wrong, Ohranger?” A little later, Shouhei says “What are you taking us?” when it probably should be “Where are you taking us?”

    Other than those nitpicks, great job, guys! Thanks a lot and keep ’em coming!

    P.S. We already have dachshund, terrier and bulldog. What dog breed is Maltihua supposed to be named after? A combination of maltipoo and chihuahua?

      • That’s probably it. I guessed maltipoo (which is a combo of maltese and poodle) because I have one as a pet.

        Forgot to mention, it was cool seeing the voice actor for Acha in ep. 39!

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