Ohranger 38

[MFC] Cho-Riki Sentai Ohranger- 38 (B3D4D1F4).mkv_snapshot_16.07_[2015.07.06_22.10.10]



13 thoughts on “Ohranger 38

  1. I doubt anyone cares, but at the moment, I’m downloading these as they come out, but I’m taking a break from actually watching it (last one I watched was 35, so I’m not too far behind right now). I’m going through some of the other shows I have on my hard drive, and hopefully by the time I’ve finished a few more, the rest of this will be out and then I can just binge through the remaining 13 episodes.

  2. Eh. You’re just making conversation. It’s all right. I download plenty that I haven’t yet watched either. I waited until Megaranger was fully subbed before I watched it, even though I had downloadd episodes prior.

  3. That was a pretty good conclusion to the 2-parter. I lol’d @ Bulldont waddling into frame as soon as Bomber turned his back to grab Gunmajin and later pretending to cry. I guess he can fire laser beams from his eyes now? According to the preview of what happens in the next ep, reusing that power might have been useful. Speaking of which, it appears the final arc begins in 39, which I’m very excited about. Shit’s about to get real!

    • that was a nice way to end this bull of the bomber cause he really sucks, one thing to really wonder is tho, how does the vs movie truly tie in here since it has to happen before bomber the great shows up but not until we get gunmajin and from what it sounded like is that we wont have to suffer anymore with seeing him cause he was really stupid, I honestly was shocked to seeing that happen to bulldont in the preview that was full on crazy.
      great job anon for getting this finished up for all to see

      • Simple answer is the VS doesn’t fit in. Bacchushund dies before Tackleboy and Gunmajin appear yet he’s in the VS where they show up.

      • o well its fun to think of and I totally forgot about tackleboy in that lol, @jakes the main difference is between me asking this and you asking is you demand the subber to release it now at your convience and tell them to sub this or sub that, all I asked was a lol moment, I know the vs don’t fit in the series (usually except in gokaiger where all movies were cannon)
        this was just a curious conversation piece not a demand to release it, besides harorangers already are doing that, and your a troll where as im not

      • Dude, seriously, I don’t do that anymore. Or at least I try not to anyway. And what I was referring to was that I had written a pretty lengthy comment on the details about how Ohranger vs. Kakuranger doesn’t really fit into continuity, but I guess it was too long (it’s not the first time that’s happened).

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