Ohranger 36



This show finally remembers that Riki and Dorin exist. Also we continue the grand tradition of gaining another power up out of nowhere.


10 thoughts on “Ohranger 36

    • Hey can you upload the Carranger series or recommend a good video converter? I use AVC and episode 12 is giving me trouble.

  1. Well that was better than I expected. I still like the power struggle between Bomber and Hysterrier/Bulldont. They played the Skunk with flatulence powers mostly straight so despite how disgusting that inherently is, I thought it ended up being executed about as effectively as possible. I also forgot to mention before how much I love the Oh Blocker Robo. Only thing that sucked was the deus ex machina of Tackle Boy.

  2. This was a good episode because King Ranger had been MIA for a while. The only problem I have is that their is a longer waiting time in between episodes. It used to be one episode per week and now one every two weeks. I know that MegaAnon does other works, but the wait is too much sometimes.

      • I do watch the other Sentai but the darkness of Ohranger is what I look forward to. Ohranger almost killed the series, so watching and loving it proves that Ohranger was ahead of its time with the invasion plot. My problem with watching other series is that I’m caught up on what has been subbed and with GUIS MIA there isn’t much else for me to watch because Kamen Rider doesn’t suit my tastes as much, but I do have the Dragon Knight game.

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