Hey! You got your unremarkable civilians in my Megaranger!

Megaranger VS Carrrrrrrranger!

Hey! You got your unremarkable civilians in my Megaranger!



NOTE: We highly recommend watching Carranger before checking out this amazing movie. The folks over at Harorangers recently finished it.

So what happens when you take two of the best Sentai shows and throw them into one movie? Magic happens. Specifically space fairy magic. I firmly believe that is one of, if not, the best VS movies ever. Both teams blend together well, the dialogue is exactly what you expect from the two teams, and everything just fits together so well. It’s always great to see the Megaranger cast again, but it feels just as good to see Carranger again. If you haven’t seen Carranger, then you really owe it to yourself to check it out. Also if you don’t feel something during the end credits to this movie, then you have no soul whatsoever.

So sit back, grab some imo-yokan, and enjoy!


16 thoughts on “Megaranger VS Carrrrrrrranger!

    • go read past posts megaanon said he was going to put it out when he was ready and guis said the same a long time ago, a real question would be for confirmation is will they do the other gingaman vs movie? personally at this time tho im done worrying as there is a troll that starts with a j that will annoy megaanon on that one on each and every release

      • Okay, look, I know I’m f***ing annoying, but the last time I did that was like 7 episodes ago. And that was specifically about the regular Ohranger movie. I’ve only ever asked about GoGoV vs. Gingaman exactly ONCE. And how am I the troll here when we’ve got someone who’s got nothing better to do than impersonate me and take passive aggressive shots at me while doing so (and replying to some of my actual comments no less)?

  1. Thank you for a great work ^^
    This crossover is fun and enjoying to watch. Not too much misunderstanding issue going on.
    Will be rooting for more Ohranger from now on.
    Oh-Blocker coming soon 🙂 xoxo

  2. Incidentally, I wonder if the Mega Tector armor in this movie was the inspiration for the Battlizer Armor in Megaranger’s PR counterpart…

  3. Anyway, about what point of Megaranger does this movie take place in? Or is it another one of those cases where the Vs. movie cannot possibly be canon or doesn’t really have a clear place in continuity?

    • The only place it fits is probably 39 and 40; mostly because of a certain Nezilar Beast that shows up (the first after the Neziranger show up). For the most part this occurs during the Neziranger arc but…just imagine that they’re just fighting with each other (like Yellow and Pink) while this is happening.

      • Thanks. I’m actually finally getting into watching Megaranger now (I just finished episode 13 about half an hour ago), and I’ll probably end up watching this before I ever even get to Carranger anyway. I’ve never really cared about spoilers since I’ve always been utterly incapable of avoiding them.

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