Gingaman VS Megaranger




Let me just say that it feels really good to be working on Megaranger once more and that it’s great seeing these characters again. This movie takes place after Gingaman and serves as an epilogue to both shows. It’s like seeing two sets of old friends you haven’t seen in a while. As a bonus, the Megarangers are all rocking that VS hair.

One fun fact is that the actress who played Shiborena in Mega (Asami Jou) is credited in this as Kamaya Yumi for whatever reason.


9 thoughts on “Gingaman VS Megaranger

  1. Not sure where else to put this, but you know that guy who keeps impersonating me? I think he may have hacked my account; I made a comment the other day, and when I checked earlier, the part I wrote was still there, but there was something extra that was pretty clearly mocking me, and my profile link led somewhere else. What should I do?

    • Never mind, i just solved it. Forgot it was just me rambling…damn, i’m so dumb and stupid it’s embarrassing.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. And on a more related note, it just occured to me that I never actually finished Megaranger… I should probably do that before watching this even though I do know most of Megaranger’s plot already due to my complete inability to avoid spoilers.

  3. Asami’s case seems to be common with female idols in Sentai, oddly. they’re credited under a pseudonym during their respective show’s run, then when they return for a crossover in the future, they’re credited under another name.

    Kayoko Shibata, who played Matsuri/GoPink in GoGo-V, was credited under ‘Monika Sakaguchi’ in GoGo-V’s original run, then Kayo Matsuda, who played Wendinu in Hurricaneger and the Serpent Undead in Kamen Rider Blade, was credited under ‘Mio Fukuzumi’ for those roles (except in Hurricaneger: 10 Years After).

    I have no idea what’s Asami’s real name – lolWikipedia says she also used the name ‘Ayuko Kunitachi’ at least once in her career. just something I noticed lol

  4. I meant to ask this question on the finale of Gingaman, but this is essentially the same thing so why not? What is it that makes a series pop out to you good folks over at MFC? Is it just “Here’s a series we like so what the hey?” or is it more involved than that?

    Also are you guys going to sub Gingaman VS. Megaranger? I heard that movie’s a real humdinger!

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