Ohranger 29



This is one of those episodes where as soon as you hit play you know exactly what you’re in for. You’re either going to love it, or silently weep in agony.

Fun Fact: Masao’s Mom is played by Miki Mikiko who played Commander Aya Odagiri in Jetman!


19 thoughts on “Ohranger 29

  1. Not sure if it’s just me, but i can’t watch the episode. I have no problem Gingaman 48 but each time i try to open the file, it say “Error”. I also tried on my TV and same problem.

    • Thanks for constant regular contribution on these links. Can u please tell me which software did u use to convert into mp4 from mkv? i had tried lot of softwares and didn’t appear sub on screen

  2. I am more than happy with any and all of the subbing MegaAnon and everyone involved has done…

    With quality work like what’s being done, I am greatly appreciative and always look forward to whatever comes next:)

  3. On a side note, I’m honestly a little bit surprised that you haven’t subbed Ohranger’s movie yet since I think we’re way past the point in the series where it would’ve most likely taken place…

  4. Thank you for the work you guys have put into subbing! Two whole series down, one almost there, and one halfway. Unless I’m missing something? Thanks a billion for helping fill out the 90’s Sentai roster.

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