Ohranger 26




8 thoughts on “Ohranger 26

    • Thank you so much for hardsub DDL. you dont know how much i’m happy and appreciated you posted this. Hardsub is very convenient to watch for me.

  1. …Okay, I’m not usually one to complain about lackluster effects in toku, especially in older series, but good LORD, that Paku puppet is terrible. There were several moments where it was completely stiff and not showing any signs of life at all.

    Also, much of this new backstory doesn’t make a lot of sense. In particular, Riki’s King Brace is identical to the Ohrangers’ Power Braces and, as we see later, functions the same way. You COULD say that Chief Miura based the Power Braces off of that… except that he clearly indicates that he’s only just learned about Riki’s existence recently. It would’ve made more sense for his King Stick to be his method of transforming into King Ranger (which is what his Power Rangers counterpart, the Gold Zeo Ranger, would do).

      • As a matter of fact, I DO have Asperger’s, and frankly, I’m sick of people using autism as a way to insult people that they don’t like.

        And I’ll bet you’re the same jerk who was impersonating me here a few months back. Sure would be nice if it were actually possible to report someone’s comments on WordPress…

  2. Suppose if he did change with the king stick it would have been a bit more mysterious and fit in with the fact that he’s using 600 million year old technology.

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