Ohranger 18 & Gingaman 36

Nice product placement kid. How much they paying ya?
Dammit Gouki!

Ohranger 18 Torrent

Gingaman 36 Torrent

Here’s a double feature for ya! Ohranger continues to be a walking commercial for Rindo Lake Park (granted it’s actually an awesome episode). Gingaman, on the other hand remembers that Yuuta has a Dad and that he deserves another one of them focus episodes. All in all this is one good double feature. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Ohranger 18 & Gingaman 36

  1. And you have now officially gotten past the point Hi no Tori did in Gingaman… That should silence any of the people who still doubt that you’ll actually finish these series.

    Though it’s weird: despite the fact that I’ve been downloading the torrents as you post them, with Ohranger, I only just reached the point where the retool happened the other day.

  2. Thank you guys so much for subbing Ohranger. It’s hit just at the right time for me as I have recently finished watching Kakuranger and have just started watching Power Rangers Zeo so I get to watch OhRanger along with Zeo somewhat. I stupidly raced through the backlog ann am now anxiously awaiting the next episode.
    Keep up the good work guys (For as long as you want to)!

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