Ohranger 17

It's the perfect family hideaway! I mean getaway!


It looks like once again we’re back at the infamous Rindo Lake Park. This place just seems to follow us around. For those of you who have seen Megaranger or Carranger, this park is a very familiar site. And in typical Rindo Lake episode fashion, this episode comes off like a complete commercial. At least when Megaranger did it it fit the context of the show. Here we have a serious plot mixed with random wacky shots of the cast on various Rindo rides. Like, “Hey kids! This guy wants to take over the world, but look at these awesome rides! You should get your parents to take you here before Baranoia ruins everything!” There’s one segment in particular where it’s a super serious moment before immediately cutting to wacky Rindo hijinks complete with sped up camera work and a background track that doesn’t fit the scene. You’ll cry, laugh, and then you’ll just feel weird. This episode is bi-polar as hell.

For you Zyuranger fans, Kuroda is played by Ichikawa Isamu who played the incredibly awesome Dora Sphynx!

And for you Kabutack fans (All zero of you) Shigeru is played by Futami Kazuki who apparently went on to play Yuzuru (the main character) in Kabutack.

And I don’t mean to hate on Rindo Park, it actually looks like a really fun place. Check it out! http://www.rindo.co.jp/


15 thoughts on “Ohranger 17

  1. Is Kabutack really as bad as everyone says it is? I mean, yeah, it pretty much killed the Metal Heroes franchise (Robotack technically doesn’t count as an installment of that franchise), but this show nearly killed Super Sentai and it’s still really good…

  2. thank you MegaAnon for all your hard work and to all the others that work with you to get these episodes done and now that both series are in total translation mode im excited and cant wait for them to get totally finished, excellent work. 1 dumb question tho, I did see that you were going to do mega vs car when the other group gets done with carRanger, are you going to kaku vs oh then oh vs car and the obvous mega vs car, can I assume that ginga vs mega will be done by you as well, and would you be doing ginga vs gogo 5?? thank you for all the hard work and excellent subs, also thank you jps317 for doing the mp4’s so lots of us noobs if you will can watch these excellent shows

    • they are made in MP4 formats look for Jps317’s posts in either the first post per series or in each post content, he has links to download the MP4 fomat

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