Gingaman 35

Comfort Commitee Squad Gingaman!


This week’s Character of the Week is brought to you by Kishi Yuuji! He may not be dispensing justice in the name of Traffic Safety, but he’s always a welcome sight. They should just make this show the Gouki and Suzuko show, because they get some entertaining episodes.


7 thoughts on “Gingaman 35

  1. I’m a little curious: do you plan to sub any Kamen Rider series after you’re doing with either this or Ohranger? I know you subbed a few episodes of Decade (though I’m not sure on the details of that one; if I’m not mistaken, a bunch of different groups subbed small sets of episodes)…

    • If I’m not mistaken I could have swore that my buddy Mega Anon and co. just does what they feel best. Why are we jumping to see what is next when what is being worked on isn’t even finished?

      Hey I have a great idea, why don’t you start subbing some Kamen Rider series! More groups in the fandom ensures more completed shows. Get to work!

      • One: I don’t speak Japanese. Two: even if I gathered enough people who could work together with me, I’d barely have any time on my hands myself to work on such a project.

        But yeah, I can kind of see why these questions of mine are starting to get annoying (though a couple people have been rather rude to me about it). I’ll stop asking.

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