Gingaman 30-31

GigaTimes Two!


30 episodes in, and this show finally gets some actual robots. And they’re awesome.


8 thoughts on “Gingaman 30-31

  1. Also, I think you may have messed up with “Giga Vitus.” Pretty sure it’s supposed to be “Giga Bitus.” As in “bite.” Because, y’know, it’s a shark.

  2. You know, I had heard that Shellinda had a REALLY catchy insert song in this series… yet we’re 31 episodes in, and there’s been no sign of it. Do you have any idea when it first gets used?

    • I actually asked that question quite a while ago, megaanon doesn’t do that but jps317 does, if you look in each comments for each release for either ginga man or ohranger he has a link to get the DDL’s or go to the first batch for either of them and you will find his links

  3. I really hated the Western Counter-Part, but seriously this show is just so intensely-awesome, right from the 1st episode – I can’t thank you guys enough for subbing it…. can’t wait for the next set of episodes and then the full set!

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