Ohranger 11-12

Please inform your neighbors if you love tricycles. That way they can keep them locked inside.Bandora would love this


Time for a double dose of  cho-riki nonsense! Episode 11 is downright weird, but kind of charming. I like it. 12, however, is just incredibly stupid. It would fit in perfectly as a Zyuranger episode, but not so much here. Yeah, I can accept a monster that makes people fall in with love machines, but not a monster that turns babies into supersonic, explosion inducing harpies. Funny how that works. Both episodes have some cool action, and are a goldmine for images. I had about 14 different ones queued up before I decided on these two. I think a lot of you will enjoy these, so you go do just that while I go lasso up some Star-beasts.


13 thoughts on “Ohranger 11-12

  1. Question for you, I noticed that the first couple of monsters in the series didn’t have voice actors, but with Baracactus onward they’ve been given VA’s . Was this always apart of the plan or did this get changed with the Aum stuff unfolding?

  2. I’ve still only watched the first two episodes of Ohranger (so I haven’t gotten to the point where things start getting weird), but I now only have to watch episode 29 of Gingaman to be fully caught up. …And something tells me that by the time I’ve watched that you’ll have episode 30 up… …Why exactly did you not release 29 & 30 in a batch together, since they’re a two-parter?

  3. The only benefit I can really think of after the retool of Ohranger is the episodes begin to focus on one of the Ohrangers instead of just…some kids I guess? From the first 8 episodes the only Ohranger that had an episode that more or less starred them was the Bara Cactus episode. If you asked me after the first 8 episodes anything about Oh Green/Pink/Yellow I would have twiddled my thumbs for a few minutes and walked away.

  4. Also, since you’ll be finishing Gingaman before Ohranger, are you going to start on something else once you’re done with Gingaman, or are you going to finish Ohranger first?

  5. Is it just me or does Ohranger have the best ending theme of all sentai so far? This is the first time I’ve liked an end credits song more than the opening theme.

    Here’s hoping you actually finish Ohranger. I’m just now discovering what an underrated series it is.

    I also thought of a terrible, terrible pun:

    Power Rangers ZeOhranger.

    Told you it was terrible.

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