Ohranger 10

BA-BA-BA-BA-BA! BA-BA-BARANOIA! Wait... wrong show.


It’s time for more Ohranger and Inoue’s nowhere in sight! This episode is much, much better than last week’s and is a nice blend of silly and serious. Baranoia is really being played for laughs now though, so don’t expect them to be the cold hearted killing machines of yesterday. They have emotions now! This is also the debut of one of the silliest weapons I’ve ever seen, and it really comes out of nowhere, but I can’t help but love it. Next episode is going to be very interesting though. Better keep your tricycles locked inside until then!


By the way, how’s that backlog doing?



6 thoughts on “Ohranger 10

  1. Still only watched the first two episodes of Ohranger and the first 9 of Gingaman, so I haven’t actually gotten to where the jarring retool of Ohranger happened or to the Lights of Ginga or Black Knight stuff yet.

  2. I’m at Black Knight’s very first appearance. Meanwhile, I’m slowly getting back into Zubat while considering catching up on Kakuranger. Also, I might watch some other unrelated shows.

    That said, Uehara silly is one of the best kinds of silly, in Sentai.

  3. I’m caught up on Ohranger (except for this release). I’m ~8 or so in to Gingaman; the next one in my queue is the one about the pink space kitten, so however many that’s up to.

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