Cho-Riki Sentai Ohranger 1-8



Olé! It’s time for Ohranger! These 8 episodes are full of nothing but amazing and awesome things. Episode 1 is, quite possibly, one of the best opening episodes you could ask for in a Sentai. Ohranger is a show that tried to be slightly different from the shows before it and these eight episodes showcase that pretty well. Episode 1 is unlike any other Sentai first episode, and is an incredible breath of fresh air in my opinion. You’re gonna be blown away by it. You’ve probably heard a lot of things about Ohranger, but nothing can really prepare you for actually watching this wild ride.


The intent with Ohranger was to do a throwback to the military shows of the 80s, and celebrate Sentai’s history. Every single creator who had ever been a head writer for a Sentai season contributed scripts to Ohranger. This staff included head writer Noboru Sugimura, and episode writers Shouzo Uehara, Hirohisa Soda, and Toshiki Inoue.

The Ohranger villains, the Baranoia, were intended to be portrayed as brutal terrorists trying to intimidate Earth into surrendering to them.
Ohranger’s backstory involved the heroes having gained a mysterious superpower unlike any other from the ancient super-civilization that once existed on the continent of Pangaea.

Unfortunately, shortly after the show’s launch, the real-life terrorist cult Aum Shinrikyo, whose leader actually believed he’d inherited secret superpowers from a lost civilization, launched a real-life terrorist nerve gas attack on a subway station killing 15 and injuring 30.
Everyone involved with the series felt this made it impossible to produce the show as originally envisioned. Ohranger staffers have confirmed that at that point, the decision was made to take the series in a different direction.

The first 8 episodes contained in this batch contain Ohranger’s first story arc. It is not known with certainty at what point the show’s content began to be modified as a result of the nerve gas attacks. Based on airdates and accounting for production time, it seems likely that the first impacted episode was either 8 or 9.

Presented here is a glimpse of the show that might have been. Future releases will show off the series that Toei ended up making instead.


The “Cho-Riki” in Ohranger’s title is written 超力 in Japanese, combining the characters that could be individually translated as “super” and “power.” This has lead to a lot of prior fansubs of Ohranger rendering the show’s title as something like “Superpower Sentai Ohranger,” which isn’t wrong. But “superpower” in Japanese is usually written with the word 超能力.

Ohranger’s 超力 is a term that’s much less commonly seen, and is most often used as a setting jargon term in anime or tokusatsu where it appears. You may also notice that we’re translating the villain names differently than most websites and prior fansubs did. Our research into the series indicated that all of the villains’ names were meant to be taken as references to different breeds of dogs. This suggests Baranoia was supposed to have a sort of animal motif to them, also reflected in the ape-like Barlo Soldiers and the octopus-like Takonpas. Ohranger is not incredibly consistent with presenting this motif, but we decided to translate the references where we could confirm they were definitely there.

39 thoughts on “Cho-Riki Sentai Ohranger 1-8

  1. i like to thank you for this..up till now i was able to watch till episode 5 in YouTube and hearing that you going to release the rest of the series brings a wide smile to my face wider than The Joker..i can’t wait for future releases – that is IF you are going to do future releases – then it will be happy days

    • > that is IF you are going to do future releases
      Who starts a show without the intent to finish it? We’ve finished 4 shows already so it’s not like we’re gonna disappear.

      • Not true. Even they planned to finish their shows. No subber starts without the intent to finish, or they wouldn’t even try to get there.

      • True…

        Still, I wonder who IS going to finish GoGoV and Boukenger now that HS is pretty much dead… I know Aesir was collabing with them for Boukenger, and I’m pretty sure Magenta’s the main translator for both of those groups, so he could probably move both projects to Aesir…

      • u guys are awesome. what u guys have done is amazing and i have nothing butrespect for the hard work u put into ur releases. while they may not be as flashy as some fansub groups, u guys do a lot of research to make the translation as accurate as possible. looking forward to seeing this complete.

      • Oh, didn’t know that Magenta wasn’t involved with GoGoV… so who WAS the main translator for that one? Because I recall hearing a while back that the main translator for that had said that he’d be willing to work with other groups to finish it…

  2. I do hear that even after they took the show in a different direction, it was still one of the darkest Sentai series overall…

    And I think they had already started to change things beginning with the very first episode, as I recall hearing that, in the original plan, the terrorists were actually human villains. Obviously, this didn’t happen.

    Also, the first episode claims that it takes place in 1999 (people really liked using the year 1999 as an apocalyptic date back then…). But GoGoV also took place in 1999 (because that’s when it aired). …How could the Ohrangers and GoGoV (as well as their respective villains) have never encountered each other? I mean, I know the obvious reason is when everything was produced (And I believe the Ohranger Vs. movies retconned the date), but still.

    Also, I presume you will be subbing both Ohranger Vs. movies (Ole vs. Kakuranger and Carranger vs. Ohranger)?

    • It seems pretty obvious at this point in retrospect that Ohranger in fact did NOT occur in 1999 because it would have been impossible for the major attacks of Baranoia on the populous to NOT be detected or even attempt to be quelled by the GoGoV. I like to think the Baranoia incident just caused the people to call the attack Invasion 1999 cause around that time Earth thought the end of the world would be in 1999. Maybe Japan thought the “forseen” end came 4 years early and named it as such.

      And yes… the Vs. movie retcon is the best explanation for this.

  3. OK so you may notice there aren’t any hardsubs for this or Ginga yet well that’s because I saw the Ginga post went “Oh I better download and make some hardsubs later” then got distracted and only remembered I hadn’t done it when this release post went up.

    So hardsubs for Ohranger are going to be found in this folder!qA53HLKS!Ly4Jzlk8-VgwaFyv3R5xcQ and when I get Gingaman’s hardsubs up I’ll post a link to it’s folder on the Gingaman release post (expect that in a day or two as I’m still making the encodes and I have poopy internet as in it maxes out at 1 up.

    So yeah all in all I get forgetful sometimes, in future if hardsubs aren’t out in like three days of a release and you are worried the same thing may’ve happened feel free to hit me up on Twitter or something (@JP317) or maybe my, like never updated, wordpress which you can get to by clicking my name. Oh hardsubs only come in MP4 variety now as all the things I mentioned in an earlier post here (crappy computers or want to watch on their games consoles or even phones) have ran them perfectly, sorry to any AVI lovers out there 😥

    • ahh so your the go to guy/gal on the hard subs then, awesome then now i really cant wait and to Mega Anon sorry for pestering you on that i didnt know since i honestly assumed that you did both hard and soft subs since i followed something way back when you were doing Mega Ranger and what not, so cool beans on the hard subs comming and once again sorry to mega anon

  4. apparently MPC does not like these files. GOM player does fine aside from the subs staying onscreen after someone finishes talking or during the opening when lyrics and crew info are not shown at the same time. other than that its an awesome release.

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