Seijuu Sentai Gingaman 1-25



Unlike the past shows we’ve done where I was at least familiar with the first 10 or so episodes, I went into Gingaman completely blind. I must say though, I was pleasantly surprised. Gingaman is an interesting little fantasy series that reminds me a bit of Zyuranger. The first 12 or so episodes are your basic character intro episodes, but they’re kid of neat. After that is when things pick up and get really good. If you’re on the fence about watching this show, then my advice would be that if you like Zyuranger and/or Goseiger then you’ll like Gingaman. They’re all very similar shows, and I could totally see those teams in a movie together.

Time for a history lesson! After being the producer for Carranger and Megaranger, Shigenori Takatera would make Gingaman his last show as producer. After Gingaman, his next work for Toei would be Kamen Rider Kuuga, followed by the first half of Kamen Rider Hibiki. Hibiki was the last show Takatera ever did for Toei, but if you want to watch more of his work, check out the Daimajin Kanon TV series.  While Takatera made Ginga his last Sentai, Kobayashi Yasuko made it her first as head writer. She previously wrote 13 episodes of Megaranger the year before (All pretty good ones to, I might add). She’d later be the head writer on  Timeranger, Shinkenger, Go-Busters, and ToQGer. If you’ve seen these shows then you’ll definitely be able to see some elements of Gingaman that she’s reused in her other shows. That’s not a bad thing though, because Gingaman is a great little story, and I hope you enjoy the ride along with us.

Enjoy these 25 episodes, and we’ll see you again next week as usual!


21 thoughts on “Seijuu Sentai Gingaman 1-25

  1. I’ve gotta say, as someone who grew up with the Power Rangers version, Lost Galaxy, this is going to be a very surreal experience for me. I’ve already experienced some of that due to having seen Hi No Tori’s subs of the first two episodes and seen Villimax as a gun-blazing psychotic motorcycle punk rather than a sword-wielding noble villain. …Though the funny thing is that Lost Galaxy and Gingaman used the same really bad Photoshop filter effect for the “forest turning to stone” scenes (well, “forest planet turning to stone” in Lost Galaxy’s case).

    And honestly: Lost Galaxy is my favorite Power Rangers season, and somehow I doubt that I’ll find Gingaman to be better. Let the Sentai purists rage.

      • What? I was just saying that it’s going to be an unusual experience for me given that I saw the Power Rangers version first. …Which, come to think of it, is how a lot of Sentai feel to me, really.

    • Give the series a chance rather than try to compare it to its Power Rangers counterpart. Take it on its own merits and you may find that it is enjoyable. I love Lost Galaxy for what it is, and I love Gingaman for what it is. In many cases, Sentai and Power Rangers can stand side by side equally as being good on their own merits and by being different from each other, and in some cases often prove to be even better than their counterparts, but not often. Personally, after watching the utter travesty of Power Rangers Megaforce, I’m more inclined to give Goseiger a chance since it cannot possibly be worse than the trainwreck I’ve been watching so far.

  2. I’m glad you pointed out that if you enjoy Zyuranger and Goseiger, you will enjoy Gingaman, because that was the sort of vibe I got when initially watching the first episode of Gingaman. Thank you for releasing the first half in one burst. looking forward to the other half. Well done.

  3. Enjoying Gingaman in a nice block at last, but had one problem. Episode 25 in the torrent is actually a second copy of Episode 23. Other than that, keep up the great work. Now that I’ve finished GUIS’s Kakuranger sub I can now turn to Oh-Ranger here.

  4. I think I found a mistake. In the preview for episode 6 at the end of episode 5, you refer to the monster that appears in episode 6 as Taglade. But in the actual episode, you refer to it as Tagred. Just thought I should let you know.

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